‘You are investing behind the dreams of the entrepreneur’–15 quotes on investing and finance

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The number of financial institutions and asset classes are on a steep rise, while market size and global spend on financial systems are multi-fold higher. – Shridhar Bendi, Intel India

The rising awareness of this asset class [venture debt] and positive investor outlook has enabled venture debt to more effectively showcase its non-dilutive characteristics and capacity to unlock growth. – Ishpreet Singh Gandhi, Stride Ventures

Union Budget 2023 focuses on three primary things, enabling ease of doing business for MSMEs, addressing working capital challenges, and creating more opportunities for small sellers to access the manufacturing space. – Mahesh Jaising, Deloitte

Venture debt has become one of the key growth enablers for Indian startups. – Ishpreet Singh Gandhi, Stride Ventures

Credit-card penetration is still low in India and will continue to grow. We are still very early in the fintech revolution in India. – Arnav Sahu, Y Combinator

Insurance is largely under-penetrated in India and is still at 4.2% of the GDP. Secondly, we have a strong insurance regulator driving growth in the space. There is a lot of room for growth in the space. – Praveen Sridhar, TVS Capital Funds


Be prepared for the struggle. Stick to your passion. It helps to have a side income till things stabilise. – Suresh Pushpangathan, ‘The Treasury of Tranquility’

You can’t call yourself entrepreneurial and behave like a bean counter. – Renuka Ramnath, Multiples

A lot of great startups also get built in recessions, as founders don’t need to raise a lot of capital to get to product-market fit. – Arnav Sahu, Y Combinator

Good quality startups and entrepreneurs will still be able to attract resources [in the funding winter], including capital. – Vinod Keni, Indian Angel Network

CVCs can be a huge help to hardware startups as they can help them in mass producing their products through their manufacturing, vendor, and supplier network. – Pushkar Singh, Tremis Capital

Investors need to ensure the right board composition to ensure high level of independence at the board level. – Ratna Mehta, Ambassador Capital Partners


CVC funds don’t have a fund lifespan. They don’t have to return a certain of their LPs within a certain time frame. – Pushkar Singh, Tremis Capital

The recent turmoil around the Adani Group is taking many shades, but the moot point being any smoke around governance issues could severely impact the valuation and fund raising capabilities of companies. – Ratna Mehta, Ambassador Capital Partners

You are not investing behind the business plan. You are investing behind the dreams of the entrepreneur. – Renuka Ramnath, Multiples

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