Noem's opponent calls for special prosecutor to investigate ethics complaints

Govt. Kristi Noem's opponent in the November gubernatorial election is calling for a special prosecutor to investigate claims of misconduct against her.

The GAB also agreed to move forward with a complaint about Noem's actions involving her daughter's appraisal license. 

Noem appointed Vargo as acting attorney general in June after the impeachment of Jason Ravnsborg. 

It was Ravnsborg who filed complaints to the GAB about the governor's use of the airplane and a separate situation involving her daughter's appraisal license. 

Rep. Jamie Smith, Noem's Democratic opponent in the coming general election, said in a news release Tuesday that Vargo should recuse himself. 

"The board has now met seven times and took the appropriate steps to evaluate these complaints against the governor," Smith said.

These complaints are all political and filed by a disgraced former attorney general who literally killed a man, lied about it, and tried to cover it up

Governor Noem was the first to call him out for this, and he filed 

these complaints in retaliation," Fury said in a statement.