12 Future Industries that Changing the World

Number one internet of things in the past the internet was the thing  that most of us used

Number two artificial intelligence. Google studies our behavior facebook learns our preferences

Number three cyber security we've already talked about two industries that will make our entire existence more and more dependent on computer systems

Number four genomics 15 years ago exactly in 2003 the US founded human genome project which had begun in1990 

Number five drones drone technology is now becoming more and more affordable in the same way we just mentioned with genomics

Number six robotics for several years now more and more warehouses and manufacturing plants have been including robots

Number seven virtual reality being able to simulate certain situations and environments

Number eight nanotechnology there are countless ways in which we as a species have our hopes hanging on advancements in the fields of nanotechnology

Number nine renewable energy for several years a growing number of people are getting into an ever inflating state of existential panic because of the climate change 

Number Ten e-learning. As we shift to wards a future more dependent on innovation than on formal college certificates

Number Eleven big data you probably noticed that almost every industry we mentioned is dependent on data in one way or another data

Number Twelve, 3D printing. 3D printing technologies now include all kinds of material enabling individuals to home manufacture