12 Amazing Beauty Facts may surprise You

1. The history of cosmetic spans at least 6000 years.

2. Clara Bow an American actress from the 1920’s was responsible for the ‘cupid’s bow’.

3. Red lipstick does actually make you look younger.

4. Products that contain ingredients from the sea are especially good for your skin.

5. Your hair is made up of keratin.

6. 1 in 20 adult women suffer from Acne.

7. Vitamin A treats cellulite and skin damage.

8. Vitamin C protects from the sun and is an antioxidant.

9. Vitamin D reduces spots.

10. n. Antioxidant: a substance that inhibits oxidation or reactions promoted by oxygen, peroxides, or free radicals.

11. Vitamin E protects against ageing.

12. An SPF can prevent the development of wrinkles