‘Transactions are for a time; relationships are for a lifetime’ – 15 quotes on motivation and change

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If people pay for your product during a recession, it’s a higher signal that you built something people really want. – Arnav Sahu, Y Combinator

You can price at a premium for emotional Jobs to be Done. – Stephen Wunker, ‘Capturing New Markets’

Growth-at-all-costs plan can lead to a disaster when the market worsens and venture funding dries up. – Pushkar Singh, Tremis Capital

The importance of high-quality corporate governance is relevant across multiple levers of growth for a company–fundraising, valuation, attracting the right talent, and getting the right partners. – Ratna Mehta, Ambassador Capital Partners

Positive parenting will assist in transforming preconceived notions about STEM fields and encourage young females to pursue careers in these fields. – Rajeev Tiwari, Stemrobo Technologies

Initiatives like sending female manufacturing workers and engineers to connect with schoolgirls can give them a lasting sense of strength, accountability, and ambition. – Maheshwari Dhayanandan, e-con Systems

Being a girl working in a bar is difficult. The taboo and misogyny are omnipresent in all professions, but it is also very much real behind bars. – Devina Medda


The ability to authentically inject a little bit of personal context into each other’s lives through the stories we tell is something AI can’t compete with, and for that reason it will never make the human narrator obsolete. – Upasna Dash, Jajabor Brand Consultancy

Emerging technologies are also helping in making the student experience more efficient and cost-effective. – Anuja Patil, Unilife

Our commitment to clean energy has been driving our green growth, which is internationally appreciated. India has been marching ahead steadfastly to attain the net zero emission target in 2070. – President Droupadi Murmu

A real-time overlook of driver and vehicle performance raises employees’ safety, brings down inventory damage, and lessens insurance payments. – Siddhant Berry, KSP Inc.


A captain isn’t just a leader of the group but is someone who creates a culture and carries the legacy forward by earning the respect of everyone around. – Virat Kohli

There are limits to aspirational thinking because unbridled aspiration comes with costs that an aspirer may not be ready to pay or even be aware of. – Anirudh A Damani, AVF

When you make what seems to be a mistake, leave it for a while – answers will emerge. – Suresh Pushpangathan, ‘The Treasury of Tranquility’

Transactions are for a time; relationships are for a lifetime. – Renuka Ramnath, Multiples

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