This Pop-up Tent Turns Into A Place to Sleep in Just Seconds

Save time with this instant pop up tent this spring, summer, and fall. Camping in a tent has never been easier than with this pop up instant tent. This pop up tent is perfect for 2 people to camp comfortable in! I need one!

Blue Abcosport instant popup tent against a white background
This pop up tent is so amazing simple! Camping has never been made easier.

Instant Pop Up Tent for 2 People

Summer is right around the corner and I personally cannot think of anything better than a day of fishing or a weekend of camping.

With that being said, sometimes you just need to escape to the outdoors but also have a place to escape the sun.

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Abcosport blue instant pop up tent in the backyard outside
Image From Amazon review– Perfect for camping even in the backyard!

Why This Instant Pop Up Tent Is Great For Everyday Use

Or perhaps have somewhere to take a nap or sleep after a long day of being in the sun.

You don’t have to go somewhere spectacular to camp. Go out into the backyard and camp with this super awesome instant pop up tent.

You don’t even have to camp, this would be a great way for kids to play outside and sit out of the sun as well.

Instant Portable Pop Up Tent Blue Abcosport against a white background
Use this for a nap outside or to stay out of the sun!

Portable Pop Up Tent Specs

That is where this pop-up tent comes in handy!

This pop-up tent turns into an instant cabana/shelter and it’s portable making it easy to pack up and carry around.

Text: Perfect Size Comfortable Accomodates 2 People! Blue Portable Pop Up Tent In A Forest
It’s perfect for 2 people!

Did I mention that it is also SO EASY to set up? You simply remove the tent from the case, throw it into an open area and it pops open.

You then just secure it with stakes and you are good to go!

And it’s spacious!

  • It’s 3.5 feet wide
  • 7.5 feet long
  • And 3.25 feet tall
Man setting up instant pop up tent Text: Set up in seconds! 1 remove tent from case 2 throw into an open area and 3 secure with stakes
Just remove from case, toss, and then secure it!

This Pop up tent is water resistant and provided UV protection. It even sleeps up to 2 people.

Beach and mountain seen with blue instant pop up tent text: outdoor-safe polyester lining weather resistant and UV coating 50+
It has a UV coating and weather resistant!

I don’t know about you, but this would be perfect for backpacking, taking to the beach and even to take camping.

I think it’d even be great for the kids to take a nap in while you are enjoying some time outdoors.

You can grab the Abco Sport Tent on Amazon for $42.00 here.

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Do you love the idea of a pop up tent??

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