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This Dinner Winner plate is a game changer when it comes to dinner time with my toddler and preschooler. Like seriously, my kids are picky eaters, and this Dinner Winner plate encourages then to eat up all their food. Winning is always fun and you win if you eat all your food with this dinner tray. What’s under the lid at the end?

Little girl eating her dinner with a dinner winner plate holding a fork
Eat all your food and get to the treat at the end!

Dinner Winner Plate

If you have a picky eater, you know some days are certainly better than others when it comes to getting your kids to eat.

I swear, sometimes I’ll try anything to get my kids to eat a well-balanced meal and that’s why I am loving these dinner trays for kids.

Green dinosaur dinner winner plate with space for a treat with various cheers and dinosaurs
Win at meal time with a dinner winner plate!

You can get dinner trays that help your kids win at meal time. Win by eating their food that is!

Don’t worry, it isn’t a race so they won’t get a tummy ache, but it encourages kids to eat their food and get the sweet surprise at the end. I think this is the coolest thing and a fun way to also get your kids to try a couple bites of something new.

Space purple dinner winner plate to get picky eaters to eat
This is a great way to get the pickiest eaters to eat more.

How Does The Dinner Winner Plate Work?

In order to woo your picky eater you need a great game plan. DINNER WINNER turns mealtime into a fun board game. It is a healthy race to the finish where a special covered treat awaits!

Red hero dinner winner plate that has heroes and villians - my hero
At the end is a space for a treat!

Simply fill up the tray and as your kids eat, they win their way to their dessert which is covered at the end.

Getting kids to eat a well-balanced and filling meal just got a lot more fun (and easier for parents).

Purple space winner dinner plate with little girl eating dinner from a green plate holding a fork
This plate will help your child eat a well-balanced meal!

Different Designs Of The Dinner Winner Plate So You Can Find One That Fits Your Child

These trays come in several different designs including:

  • The original Dinner Winner
  • Dinosaur
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Space
  • Pirate
  • Super Hero designs
Choose from 5 different dinner winner plate: orange, green, purple, red, and blue
There are 5 different Dinner Winner plate to choose from!

Oh and did I mention they are dishwasher safe and BPA-free too? That’s a big deal for me. One, I don’t think anyone wants BPA in our plastics, but I also hate handwashing dishes, so anything that can go into the dish washer is a win to me!

Where To Get Your Dinner Winner Plate?

You can get the Dinner Winner Trays for kids on Amazon for $20.00 here.

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