The Power of Probiotic Skincare With Dr Roshini Raj and Delving Into What We Want With Charlotte Fox Weber

The first part of this episode is in partnership with Tula Skincare

I start this episode with a brilliant chat with gastroenterologist and founder of Tula Skincare Dr Roshini Raj. Having met Dr Raj when she was in London, I was so impressed by the way that she has combined years of medicine and a true passion for probiotics and has gone on to found a skincare brand that brings together her extensive experience and knowledge.
I think you’ll find Dr Raj’s attitude to caring for skin really refreshing and I love the fact that Tula really does put barrier and skin health first.

In the second past of the podcast I chat to psychotherapist and author Charlotte Fox Weber. Charlotte, who has written a book exploring 12 desires that she believes are universal, is absolutely fascinating and gives such a good insight into the world of psychotherapy, what it can do for us and also delves into the psychology behind beauty and what makes us feel good. I absolutely loved getting to know Charlotte and really recommend her book “What We Want – A Journey Through 12 of Our Deepest Desires”.

I hope this episode enlightens you as much as it did me xx

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