The Galaxy Z Fold 5 may miss out on this highly-requested feature due to space limitations

What you need to know

  • Recent reports suggest a built-in S Pen may not be likely on the Galaxy Z Fold 5.
  • Internal space limitations are among the top concerns when considering a dedicated slot within the next Fold phone.
  • Samsung has reportedly considered slimming down the S Pen to fit one. However, issues with how it feels to write with a thinner tool are slowing the process.

Our hopes of a Galaxy Z Fold 5 with a built-in S Pen slot may be dashed if the latest report is to be believed.

According to the Korean news website ETNews, Samsung has seemingly shelved its plans to provide a built-in S Pen with the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 5. There were reports of Samsung being interested in providing a dedicated slot for its S Pen, but it now looks like those plans are being scrapped due to issues securing the internal space required in the Fold series.

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