Thanksgiving Ten Frame Counting Cards | Totschooling

These turkey themed counting cards will get preschoolers to practice numbers and counting 1-10, as well as learn about ten frames. Perfect for a Thanksgiving preschool math center!

FREE printable Turkey themed counting cards to go with playdough, perfect for a Thanksgiving activity in preschool! Get preschoolers to practice counting, ten frames and number recognition with this fun playdough activity!

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This adorable set of counting cards make a great Thanksgiving or turkey themed math activity!

Materials Needed:

Laminate the cards for durability. Kids can count the number of leaves on each card if they do not recognize the number, then they place the correct amount of playdough balls in the ten frame. They can also trace the number at the top with playdough.

Another option is to trace the number with a dry-erase marker, and use something else inside the ten frame, such as pom poms.

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