Tarte Shape Tape Concealer Review – The cult favorite for oily skin

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If you know me, you know that over the years I have become a bit of a makeup junkie. I’m always switching up what I use, and part of the fun for me is testing out new products to introduce into my makeup routine. I love trying different concealers because there are SO many great ones out there. Even though my skincare routine has made my concealer needs a little less demanding (yay!), I still use it for dark under eyes and occasional breakouts.

Concealer brightens your face and creates a clean canvas for flawless makeup application. For me, a quality concealer means it provides durable coverage without creasing or cakiness. The cult favorite Tarte Shape Tape Concealer is a great concealer for oily skin because of its long-wearing matte coverage.

I’m a huge fan of Tarte products because of their clean ingredients and trustworthy reputation, not to mention, their products just perform beautifully! This concealer is a holy grail product in the beauty community, so today I’m sharing my full review and whether or not I think it’s worth it!

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer Review

The Tarte Shape Tape Concealer is wildly popular among women with oily skin types because of the matte finish and medium to full coverage it provides. It’s also worth noting that the shade range is incredibly inclusive, which is another reason it’s a fan favorite.

I never really understood the hype behind Shape Type since I thought it was cakey and felt so heavy. Then, I learned that it designed for oily skin, and I have very dry skin. I have since learned about its more hydrating counterpart – the Tarte Ultra Creamy Concealer – so that’s what I use now. Although the original Shape Tape formula is a favorite for so many people, personally it’s a little too drying for my skin. However, if you have oily skin, you’ll likely love it.

Let’s get into a few more details.

Maximum Coverage

The Tarte Shape Tape Concealer is known for full coverage that lasts. It uses tape technology (their proprietary formula) to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with a crease-proof formula for up to 16 hours. The formula is waterproof and won’t budge, even if you’re doing something active. It’s full coverage and will camouflage blemishes, dark circles, fine lines, or any other problem areas.

Safe Ingredients

Unlike so many other beauty brands on the market, Tarte products are always made without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, or gluten. Tarte Shape Tape uses shea butter to retain skin elasticity, mango seed butter to hydrate, and licorice root to correct discoloration and dark circles. Even though the formula itself isn’t as hydrating as the Ultra Creamy Concealer, the ingredients still make it creamy so you can easily blend it out. The natural oils in your skin will also help it blend.

Inclusive Shade Range

They have 36 shades for a variety of skin tones and undertones so almost anyone can find a perfect match. Their shade range also comes in handy if you’re looking to find a pigment for contour or highlight.

I always prefer to have two shades of concealer on hand, one that’s my true skin tone to cover blemishes, and the other for brightening darker spots, like my under-eyes.

What Is Tarte Shape Tape Used For

There are many uses for this concealer, apart from the traditional way we all use concealer.


Obviously, the concealer is perfect for covering any acne, blemishes, or uneven skin spots. If you purchase a slightly lighter color, it will also help brighten underneath your eyes to help you look more awake, no matter how much sleep you got the night before.
This formula doesn’t rub off or settle into lines and will stay all day.


The Tarte Shape Tape can also be used as a contour. Concealers are a great way to get a creamy, easily blendable contour to sculpt your face and add dimension. Just choose a darker shade than you normally would and apply to the hollows of your cheeks, jawline, nose, and temples to accentuate your bone structure. The most important step – blend! Buff out the product with a brush or makeup sponge and be sure not to leave any harsh lines.


Brighten your look by adding a lighter shade of concealer to the inner corners of your eyes, brow bones, cheekbones, down the center of your nose, and above your cupid’s bow. Your face will look more radiant and well-rested (fellow toddler moms, I see you). They also have a Glow Shape Tape line if you want even more radiance to your look.

Eyeshadow base

Prime your eyeshadow using concealer as a base to get maximum pigmentation. Tap concealer all over your lid to create a base that prevents your eye look from creasing or fading.

Retouching makeup

I love to touch up my makeup during the day and make sure everything stays intact! This concealer works great for a quick refresh because of the full coverage it provides. But I’ll also note, you’ll likely find that you don’t need too much touching up, since this concealer lasts a long time.

Enhancing makeup looks

Concealer is a great tool to perfect your makeup look. Use it to polish a cat eye, sharpen brows, or tidy up your lipstick before heading out for the day.

How to Apply Tarte Shape Tape

Start with a fresh face

See here for my skincare routine. Make sure your skin is clean and moisturized (key!) before applying makeup to create a smooth canvas. Yes, even if you have oily skin, you need to use a moisturizer. This is a great one for oily skin.

Apply your favorite foundation

I’m always trying out new products, and you can see some of the foundations I’ve been loving here.

Apply Concealer

Using the doe foot applicator (did you know what’s what the little spongy part of the applicator is called? You learn something new everyday!), apply under your eyes and on any imperfections you want to mask. Start with less product than you think – a little goes a long way with this one. You can always add more, but you can’t take away from what you apply. Using too much concealer can contribute to cakiness and settling into lines during the day. Less is more to get the perfect coverage.


Melt the concealer into your skin using your finger, a concealer brush, or a sponge applicator. On blemishes, leaving the concealer to dry for about a minute before blending will help camouflage the spot better. (I learned that tip from the Tarte makeup artist when I met her in Dallas at the LTK Conference last fall!)

Set your base

Use a powder to keep your makeup looking fresh for longer. I’m a big fan of the Tarte Shape Tape Glow Powder. It lasts all day for a finish that is SO glowy and natural!

Is Tarte Shape Tape Worth It?

I appreciate the quality and durability of this concealer and can attest that if your skin is less dry than mine, you will be obsessed with this formula. For me, the Tarte Ultra Creamy Concealer is my go-to because of how hydrating it is. I found that the Tarte Shape Tape is a little drying, so you may feel the same way if you also have dry skin.

The Tarte Shape Tape Concealer is 100% worth it if you have oily skin and are looking for a matte product. My friend has oilier skin and loves this formula! It lasts all day long and does a great job masking imperfections. At $31 it’s on the pricier side, but a little goes a LONG way with this stuff so it will last you a while. (They also sell a travel size if you’re looking to test it out before committing!)

Tarte Shape Tape Before And After


After: (!!)

You can find the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer directly from Tarte’s website. You can also buy it from retailers like Ulta, QVC, and even Target! If you shop directly from Tarte.com, be sure to use promo code TERILYN15 to save at checkout!

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