T-Mobile’s Aging 2G Network Will Shut Down Next Year

T-Mobile’s 2G network will be shut down next year, belatedly ending operations on a network spectrum that other carriers left years ago. 

T-Mobile will shutter its 2G GSM network on April 2, 2024, according to its webpage on transitioning away from older network spectrum to focus on its current 4G LTE and expanding 5G networks. At the end of March 2022, T-Mobile had sunsetted the 3G CDMA network it acquired in its merger with Sprint, and then later in July it shut down its own 3G UMTS network.

T-Mobile confirmed the shutdown date but did not comment on how many customers still use its 2G network or why it has remained active after other carriers shut down their own 2G networks years ago. AT&T discontinued its 2G service on the first day of 2017, and Verizon reportedly shut down its 2G network in 2020.

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