Steve Blank The 6th Lean Innovation Educators Summit – Education and Innovation in the Age of Chaos and Disruption

Join Jerry Engel, Pete Newell, and Steve Weinstein for the sixth edition of the Lean Innovation Educators Summit December 14, 1-4 pm Eastern Time, 10 am-1 pm Pacific Time. Register here.

This virtual gathering will bring together entrepreneurship educators from around the world who are putting Lean Innovation to work in their classrooms, accelerators, venture studios, and student-driven ventures.

The summit topic is “Education and Innovation in the Age of Chaos and Disruption.

Our students will be facing the challenges of a world that’s rapidly changing, chaotic and uncertain. A world undergoing climate change, supply chain disruptions, political instability and continual technology innovation and disruption. It’s incumbent on us as educators to provide the next generation of innovators with the tools and mindset to meet these challenges.

Among the questions we’ll address in this short summit:

  • How do we as entrepreneurship and innovation educators best prepare the next generation?
  • What role should our institutions help us do this?
  • What are the other systems and partnerships that we need to take advantage of?

We will have concurrent breakout sessions so participants have the opportunity to choose their own path to explore. We’ll then going to pivot to hear from colleagues across three broad categories of innovation:

  • Curriculum – We’ll discuss how best to equip educators with the tools they need to cultivate and guide student teams around solving mission-driven problems.
  • Ecosystems – We’ll explore partnerships that engage and inform positive student engagement and outcomes and how to support diversity of thought, background.
  • Trends – The rate of technological disruption shows no sign of slowing down. Climate change was a hypothesis for our generation but will be the facts on the ground for our students. The struggle between great powers and a fluid global landscape will accelerate. All of these will shape what future curriculums our students need and educators must deliver.

Alexander Osterwalder, the creator of the business model canvas and Strategyzer co-founder will join the discussion about the intersection of education, innovation and entrepreneurship

During the breakout sessions, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the conversation via Chat, Q&A, and an online community bulletin board. We will close out the Summit with Alex Osterwalder’s fireside chat moderated by Dr. Jerry Engel.

How to register

When you register, you will receive a link to an online collaboration space where you can submit questions, challenges and feedback. This feedback will inform the content of the presentations, post-event white papers, and the curriculum delivered to our educator community.

This session is free but limited to Innovation educators. Register here and learn more on our website: We look forward to gathering as a community of educators to shape the future of Lean Innovation Education.

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