Spring Flower Art Collage

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If you’re ready to be done with winter, a spring flower art collage from Francis is sure to brighten your day!

Brighten up your day, and home, with a beautiful spring flower art collage that is super simple to make. No special materials needed!

Winter has been extra long here in the UK. Although we’ve kept ourselves busy with winter activities, spring is our favorite.

Brighter days, shiny green shoots, and colorful flowers get us excited!

To get us in a spring mood, Melissa and I decided to make a flower craft. She had a hard time deciding between making a sun or a flower.

In the end, she decided a colorful flower would be more fun. She loves flowers!

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I thought it would be great to use some old magazines and catalogs before they went into our recycling bin.

A collage sounded like a good idea!

This activity turned out to be very easy to set up and didn’t need many materials.

In fact, we had everything already on hand! I bet you do, too.

You might already have everything you need for your flower art collage

Make Your Spring Flower Art Collage With:

– Scissors
– Magazines/catalogs
– Pencil for drawing the outline
– Glue stick
– Stock paper

Draw an outline for your flower art collage

I drew the outline of a flower on our stock paper and Melissa wanted to add some grass too.

We only had an A3 (11.7in x 16.5in) paper so it turned out to be quite a big flower! You can use a smaller sized paper to make quicker collages, too.

Melissa chose the colors of every part of her flower ahead of time., It makes it easier when looking for them in the magazines.

Use magazines and catalogs to make your flower art collage

Then the search and cutting began!

Melissa would look for the colors and cut them out of the magazines. She separated them into piles by color.

Sort your flower art collage materials by color

After we had decided we had enough of each color, she started gluing them in their place.

This part is a lot of fun because there’s no right or wrong here.

Even going outside the outline a bit gives it an extra artistic effect!

Make your flower art collage any way you choose

She had chosen different colors for each petal. We were both looking forward to seeing see how they would turn out.

Pink is her favourite colour, so she worked especially hard on that petal!

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Hang your flower art collage to brighten your home

We loved our flower collage. Melissa was very proud!

She hung it in our living room so everyone can see it.

What are your favorite activities to get ready for spring?

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