Sparkly Spring Tree Craft for Toddlers to Make

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Decorate your house for Spring with a super easy spring tree craft for toddlers. 

I think I say it in every post lately, but I am so glad that spring is here!

It’s always so refreshing. Its also my very favorite time of year for my front yard.

We have the most gorgeous tree in the spring. Our crab apple tree is just glorious!

We’ve made a cute apple tree craft in the past. It was so easy and lovely to display.

We needed to make a version of this for spring: a cute spring tree craft for toddlers to make!

No matter where you live, you can still enjoy pretty cherry blossoms with this fun spring tree craft for toddlers!

Make a Spring Tree Craft for Toddlers

Its super easy and doesn’t matter at all how it turns out.

To make your own spring tree craft, you’ll need:

  • white paper
  • brown paper
  • pink paper
  • pink tissue paper
  • pink yarn
  • glitter (optional)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • pencil

Now, remember my tips for crafting with toddlers that I mentioned in the Easter crafts for toddlers? Those apply here too of course!

I started out the spring trees by cutting a tree trunk and branches from a dark brown paper. If you child has cutting skills, this would be great practice for them if they’re up for it.

George and Louis glued the tree trunks onto a piece of white paper.

Make an easy spring tree craft with your toddler

Then it was a complete free for all!

Make a spring tree craft with your toddler

I brought out pink construction paper, pink tissue paper, and pink yarn for the boys to rip and cut into small pieces.

Louis doesn’t have great cutting skills yet, he’s still learning how to hold the scissors properly.

He got a kick out of using Henry’s “special” fancy scissors (affiliate link if you’re interested in the set he has).

Practice cutting skills with this spring tree craft for toddlers

Make a Pretty Pink Spring Tree

They glued them on as the blossoms of the crab apple tree. Another idea is to make a cherry tree filled with blossoms.

Balling up the tissue paper makes it looks like bright little blossoms and also creates a nice texture. Along with the yarn, it gives the whole tree some fun attributes.

Practice gluing skills when you make a spring tree craft with your toddler

The boys decorated however they wanted with as much or little tissue paper. I love seeing their creativity!

Get creative with a spring tree craft for toddlers

It was great gluing practice for both of the kids and Louis got to try out his scissors skills.

Simple Spring tree craft for toddlers to make

We topped off this spring tree craft with some pink glitter to make it sparkle.

Cute spring tree craft for toddlers to make

I love the multi-colored glitter container I have. The glitter doesn’t seem to pour out like other containers I’ve gotten.

Easy Spring trees for toddlers to make

They both turned out awesome. It’ll be a pretty addition to the house this spring!

What spring crafts do you like to make with your kids?

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