Samsung has a new way to protect your Galaxy S23 from malicious zero-click attacks

What you need to know

  • Samsung Message Guard is a new means of protection against phishing attacks.
  • It works by neutralizing image files (with malicious code) sent by cybercriminals through texts.
  • It will support Galaxy devices using Samsung Messages and Messages by Google apps.

Samsung has just announced Message Guard, a new way it intends to protect users from advanced threats that they may not even notice. The Korean tech giant has announced that it is bringing this new feature to its latest phones to tackle zero-click exploits, which apparently are the “latest kind of cyberattack.”

The process of the attack involves cybercriminals sending malicious code through an image in text messages or third-party messaging app services. Such procedures have been witnessed earlier through emails, and it has found new means to exploit Android smartphone users.

Samsung Message Gaurd

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung explains that this attack can be so sophisticated that once the person receives the image, it can read their messages, browse galleries, and copy confidential details, amongst others, without the person even touching the phone.

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