Russia State Journalist Says Russia Should Have Targeted Biden in Kyiv

  • Russia should have killed Biden when he visited Ukraine, a Russian state media host suggested.
  • She was critical of Russia potentially giving Biden security guarantees for the trip.
  • Biden visited Kyiv in a surprise trip on Monday, where air sirens sounded but no threat was seen.

Russia should have killed President Joe Biden when he was in Ukraine’s capital city on Monday, a prominent Russian state TV host said.

Olga Skabeeva, host of “60 Minutes” on the Russia-1 channel, spoke with Russian military expert Evgeny Buzhinsky about the visit.

Buzhinsk suggested that Russia should consider escalating their attacks in response to Biden’s visit, noting that “the West has many vulnerabilities,” according to a translation of their interaction by The Daily Beast.

Skabeeva then went further, suggesting that Russia should have targeted Biden during his trip.

Skabeeva criticized Russia for deciding not to take action against Biden, even though the US had notified Russia in advance that he was visiting the city.

“If we gave these security guarantees, then what for?” she said, according to The Daily Beast’s translation.

Buzhinsk responded: “Well, you know, perhaps we could have whacked Biden, but it would have been too much.”

Skabeeva replied: “So it’s too much to whack Biden, but it’s OK to threaten Putin and it’s also fine to blow up the Nord Stream?”

Russia has blamed the US for the September 2022 explosion at the Nord Stream pipelines, which carry gas from Russia to Europe, though many have pointed the finger at Russia for the supposed sabotage.

Skabeeva also said that the US appeared unafraid of any attacks by Russia.

“Americans seemingly assume that we aren’t planning to respond to anything, since they’re sending even their Biden to Ukraine,” she said.

Skabeeva is one of Russia’s most prominent state media propagandists, and has called for extreme measures, including nuking the UK.

Biden’s trip to Kyiv, where he emphasized US support for Ukraine and announced more funding for weapons, was seen as a blow to Russia by other state media pundits.

Russian state TV host Sergey Mardan called Biden’s visit a “demonstrative humiliation of Russia” in a Telegram post.

Biden arrived in Kyiv on Monday, where he met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. He then travelled by train to Poland.

Air raid sirens blasted during his visit, but there were no reports of any attacks on the city.

Biden’s arrival in Kyiv came as a surprise, with his team saying beforehand that he was going to visit neighboring Poland and no other countries. That secrecy was part of security measures, The New York Times reported.

The trip took months of planning, with the US telling Russian officials hours before Biden left for the trip, US national security adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters, according to Reuters.

Many of Biden’s aides had cautioned against a visit to Kyiv as recently as this month, Politico reported on Sunday, given the potential dangers.

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