RobotEra: The Metaverse Crypto That Puts You in Control of Your Virtual World – How to Buy Early?

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Building on the foundations laid by the metaverse giant Sandbox, RobotEra is here with its P2E metaverse that aims to be more inclusive, more customizable, and more versatile, which puts you in control of your own virtual world.

This project, with its “metaverse within metaverse” USP, has raised upwards of $9ook in the first phase of this presale. The presale is closing in on its second stage, so if you want to become an early mover, visit to buy yourself some TARO tokens.

But what makes this project so different that it has enticed so many investors in so little time?

Taro: Destruction & Rebirth

RobotEra takes place on a planet called Taro, a barren land where an army of robots led to the extinction of the inhabitants. And those left were killed by an experiment by a scientist who initiated the “robot singularity”.

Robots on the planet now have human-like emotions and thoughts and should build the planet from the ground up, leading it to a new age on Taro.

Players are tasked to perform a range of activities, such as construction, energy collection, and setting up an economy that supports 10,000 Robots – 3D NFTs and the player’s identity within the TARO metaverse.

Governance on the platform is limited to players who pledge their tokens, granting them voting rights. These rights will play an important part in deciding the day-to-day of the planet. Players, divided in fractions, will be represented by a manager elected by the maximum number of votes. Together, everyone will lend a hand in building the planet, one step at a time.

RobotEra Platform Offers P2E Opportunities

RobotEra is based on the concept of play-to-earn, where players are rewarded for their contribution. In this case, completing tasks such as mining, exploration, or battle. Players will be rewarded with TARO tokens once they complete these challenges.

Apart from the above, players can also make money by staking their NFTs, each of which represents a robot or an asset inside the RobotEra metaverse. Or stake tokens to earn a passive income, generating an annualized revenue. The more players contribute to the economy, the better they earn.

Players can own land, customize their land and create robot companions to help them navigate the RobotEra metaverse effectively. Robots will belong to seven different fractions, and each fraction will have a designated set of tasks and responsibilities that will be awarded proportionally

RobotEra companions can be created using the machine component workbench and the robot companion workbench, and these companions will serve as allies that help complete tasks in the game and improve the experience for a player. Every companion can be customized or traded at a player’s convenience.

Players will also be able to own and mint land in the ecosystem, represented by an NFT. Owning land can open up a player to additional benefits, such as leasing the property or building and monetizing infrastructure to set up a supplementary income.

RobotEra DAO will be a place for players to make contributions to the metaverse by suggesting changes and having discussions about their respective fractions, in addition to managing the treasury. Ideas that make it to the top or get implemented will be rewarded to encourage positive engagement from the community.

RobotEra allows investors to experience an exciting P2E metaverse, and here’s how you can become a part of the project.

How To Buy RobotEra’s TARO Early?

TARO is the native token of the RobotEra ecosystem and can be used to make purchases inside the game, as well as facilitate transactions outside the ecosystem. RobotEra’s presale began in November 2022, and it has raised over $921,000 in less than four months since being live.

The success of RobotEra’s presale is a testament to the potential of the project, as the presale is raising thousands of dollars every single day and is closer than ever to reaching halfway through its milestone of $1.8 million.

Currently, in phase 1 of its presale, TARO tokens are available to purchase for $0.020, which will increase to $0.025 the moment the presale progresses into phase two. Those who fail to grab the chance to buy TARO in the current presale phase will lose out on 20% profit.

Investors interested in the presale must act fast and get their TARO tokens as soon as possible. And become part of a P2E platform that could quite certainly be among the top projects in no time. How do you do that? Well, here’s a quick tutorial on how to purchase TARO tokens on the RobotEra website.

Step 1: Get A Crypto Wallet

You need a crypto wallet to purchase TARO tokens on the official website. Choose from several options that show up on the website, including Ledger Live, Infinity, or Zerion. Metamask and Trust Wallet are also available, and they come recommended by RobotEra developers themselves.

All you need to do is install the MetaMask app or add the MetaMask extension to your browser and set it up by filling in the necessary details.

Step 2: Fund The Wallet Before You Make a Purchase

RobotEra’s platform currently supports ETH and USDT for purchase transactions. If you don’t already have these cryptocurrencies in your wallet, either make a transfer or purchase these cryptos on an exchange and load them up in your MetaMask wallet. One thing to remember is that there is a minimum limit of $20 on the purchase value of TARO.

Step 3: Connect Wallet to RobotEra’s Website

Once you have your wallet loaded up, connect it to the RobotEra dashboard by clicking “Connect Wallet” on the website. A QR code will be displayed after you’ve selected the appropriate wallet.

Step 4: Purchase TARO Tokens

Buy TARO tokens with ETH or USDT. Remember, you must purchase at least 1,000 TARO tokens, which will total $20, considering the current price of $0.020, as a minimum requirement.

Step 5: Claim TARO Tokens

After the presale concludes, go to the RobotEra dashboard and your TARO tokens. Follow the instructions mentioned to receive TARO tokens in the wallet used for purchase.

Visit the official RobotEra website today to get in on this unique presale project.

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