Rhian Stephenson – Taking Control of Our Cycles

In this episode I chat to top nutritionist, naturopathic doctor and founder of @artahhealth, Rhian Stephenson.

Rhian, who was also the CEO of Psycle has a special interest in and incredible amount of knowledge about womens’ health, specifically when it comes to how our hormones affect us. During this episode we have an in depth discussion about each week of our monthly cycle and how the fluctuations in hormones can have a huge effect on how we feel both physically and mentally.

This episode is so empowering because it equips us with knowledge that helps us get to know our bodies better and how to treat them so that we can feel as good as possible by getting in tune with our cycles.

I have learnt so much from Rhian and she has already made a difference to my life. I really hope she does the same for you xx

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