OtterGrip iPhone case review: MagSafe + Grip

In January, OtterBox announced its latest take on iPhone protection. Now the new OtterGrip Symmetry Case is available with 3x military-grade drop protection and a handy built-in grip that works with MagSafe. I’ve been testing it out for the last few weeks, here’s a hands-on look at OtterGrip for iPhone.

OtterGrip Symmetry iPhone Case review

Features and specs

  • MagSafe compatible
  • Integrated grip – sits flush in case when not in use
    • 360-degree rotation
    • Soft-touch finish
    • Flexible to allow for multi-finger use
    • Comfortable for extended use
  • 3x MIL-STD drop protection
  • Made from ~50% recycled materials
  • Available for iPhone 14 lineup and iPhone 13
  • Lasting antimicrobial technology helps protect case against many common bacteria
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Comes in: black, green, pink, blue storm, peaches, and poppies by the sea
  • Price: $59.95

Build and materials

OtterGrip iPhone case review build and materials
OtterGrip Symmetry for iPhone in Blue Storm

The OtterGrip has a polycarbonate and rubber build. The back features a matte finish on the hard polycarbonate with the softer rubber used for the edge of the case.

The case features generous cutouts for the speakers, Lightning port, and side switch and has plastic buttons for the volume and the side buttons that offer a precise, clicky feel. It also features raised edges to protect the iPhone’s screen and cameras.

The built-in grip spins 360 degrees and easily pops in and out of place. But it has enough tension that when it’s sitting flush in the case, it won’t pop out on its own.

OtterGrip iPhone case review 2

OtterBox says the grip’s stem is “made out of an innovative combination of materials” that offers a soft touch while being strong and durable.

Circling the integrated grip is the magnet for MagSafe compatibility.

In use

With the integrated grip and 3x MIL-STD drop protection, you might imagine the OtterGrip is a chunkier iPhone case. But impressively, it’s barely thicker than Apple’s Leather iPhone case.

OtterGrip iPhone case review thickness

I’ve found the built-in grip to be very comfortable, mostly using it with one finger in and my ring and pointer fingers on the outside of it. Those with smaller hands/fingers can definitely use it with two fingers in the grip, but I feel like using one offers more flexibility to maneuver your iPhone while tapping, typing, etc.

OtterGrip iPhone case review in use

The stems of the grip are very light and flexible but feel sturdy and durable. The material seems similar to the fluoroelastomer used for Apple Watch Sport Bands but a touch more rigid.

The MagSafe-compatible magnet in the OtterGrip is just as strong or maybe a touch stronger than the official Apple Leather Case. I’ve used it with a variety of MagSafe accessories including an official MagSafe 15W wireless charger.

Constructive criticism

The only constructive criticism I can think of for OtterGrip is it would have been great if OtterBox could have figured out a way for the built-in grip to also function as a stand for your iPhone.

If you try to make that happen, the grip pops back into the case under the weight of the iPhone.


Overall, I think OtterGrip is a clever and useful iPhone case. It of course won’t be for everyone, but for those looking for an iPhone grip without losing access to MagSafe, it’s the most elegant solution I’ve seen with a relatively slender design.


  • Comfortable and convenient integrated grip
  • Strong MagSafe magnet
  • 3x MIL-STD drop protection without being bulky (plus nice protection for screen and cameras with raised edges)


  • Grip doesn’t work as a stand

For excelling at what OtterBox set out to do with this case, I give OtterGrip a 5/5 rating.

You can pick up OtterGrip for iPhone 14/14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max, and iPhone 13 in your choice of six colors now for $59.95 at OtterBox.

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