My favorite cleansing balm – Colleen Rothschild Cleansing Balm Review

I was first introduced to cleansing balms about eight years ago. I was struggling with horrific breakouts and had tried so many acne products, including all the things my dermatologist had recommended. They only seemed to make matters worse.

So, when Colleen Rothschild reached out to me to send some products (which I now know was RIGHT after the company was founded), I gladly accepted. I was skeptical and hesitant to try a balm which sounded heavy, and I worried it would make my breakouts worse. But I wanted to try the freebies I’d received, so I gave it a go. I was blown away by how good my skin felt after one use. I could tell the products were in a different class – namely, high end and gentle – compared to previous products I had used. That single product began my journey falling in love with skincare.

I stopped using the Colleen Rothschild balm a few years ago after I tried the Beautycounter cleansing balm which I used for a bit until they changed their formula. I didn’t like it as much so I started using a cleansing oil instead. Then, when I tried the Colleen Rothschild balm again last September – after getting it from Colleen herself – at a blogging conference, I fell in love once again. And I learned that skincare can make me nostalgic. 😉 Keep reading for a fun photo I found in my blog archives!

My favorite cleansing balm

I’ve been using – and loving – this cleansing balm again since September and it’s especially been a lifesaver during the winter months when my skin is extra dry. Cleansing balms are hydrating and great for all skin types, and are especially great for those on the drier side. Personally, I need all the moisture I can get.

Cleansing balms melt away makeup without drying or stripping your skin but it’s important to invest in a high-quality one. Many balms can include ingredients that irritate eyes or leave a greasy feeling behind. The Colleen Rothschild Radiant Cleansing Balm skips all of those issues and has become an essential in my routine.

Like I mentioned above, I discovered Colleen Rothschild products around eight years ago when I was dealing with persistent acne. My breakouts that had me convinced my skin was oily, when in fact my skin was VERY dry. Treating my face like it was oily stripped my skin of moisture it desperately needed, which made my acne worse. So if you struggle with breakouts and nothing seems to help, you may want to try a more gentle product like this. And if you already know you have dry skin, you’ll definitely love this!

Alright, let’s get into some details about what makes it so great! If you’re a skincare junkie, you’ll like this part. If you just want to try it, skip to the good part and order here. (Use code TERILYN20 for 20% off your order).

Colleen Rothschild Cleansing Balm Review

Colleen Rothschild products are created using effective yet gentle ingredients. I appreciate the emphasis on science and performance in their formulas since that helps drive results, both immediately and overtime. Plus, all of their products smell amazing and feel so luxurious. This balm is no different.

The Radiant Cleansing Balm quickly dissolves makeup and the muslin cloth included in the package makes it easy to remove all traces. It also unclogs congested pores and removes impurities, leaving glowy and soft skin. It contains no parabens, SLS/SLES sulfates, phthalates, triclosan, formaldehyde, PABA, toluene, or benzene. I very much appreciate when brands leave out questionable ingredients.

Okay here’s what ingredients ARE in it.

Key Ingredients

Moringa Oil

This helps restore luminosity to the skin. This is a favored ingredient in the beauty industry because it’s rich in zeatin, which is a potent plant hormone that helps promote cellular growth and supports skin tissues (which equals luminous skin).


This combats dehydration by mimicking your skin’s fatty acid composition, which compensates for the drying effects of a cleanser. Most of the time this ingredient is found in creams and lotions because it helps restore and balance skin but including in the balm helps your skin from the first step in your routine.

Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil is high in antioxidants, which helps protect your skin from environmental stressors and free radicals. This is one of the reasons I love using the Cleaning Balm in the morning, since I know I’m helping to protect my skin from the very first step in my routine.

Aromatic Complex

This complex calms & decongests the skin, which is part of what makes it feel so luxurious. It also smells great, which is saying something since I am very sensitive to smells. While we’re on the subject of “fragrance” – note that “fragrance” doesn’t always or necessarily mean the scent of something. With personal care regulations, brands can label almost any ingredient as “fragrance” to protect proprietary formulations. However, I do trust the brand enough to feel comfortable that they aren’t putting sketchy ingredients in their balm, hidden under that word.

How to Use the Colleen Rothschild Balm

1. Apply to dry skin

Before applying, wash and dry your hands but keep your face dry. Melt a pea sized amount of product in hands – a little goes a long way! Use light pressure to massage into dry skin in circular motions until all of the product has melted away. It is safe to remove eye makeup as well.

2. Wipe with muslin cloth

The cleansing balm comes with a muslin cloth included, which is a great tool for makeup removal, especially balms. You cannot simply rinse your face but need to use a wet cloth to remove the balm and your makeup with it. So, use very warm water to dampen the muslin cloth, then place over skin to help steam it like a mini facial and then wipe your face clean. Rinse the cloth between wipes as necessary.

3. Pat dry

Splash your face with a bit of tepid or cold water and gently pat dry. I notice immediately how soothing this product feels and how hydrated my skin feels! I bet you’ll notice this too, especially if you’ve been using a more drying cleanser previously.

4. Finish skincare routine

Follow up with your favorite serums and moisturizer. For acne-prone skin, I would recommend the Mandelic Acid Radiance Serum as part of your routine. If your skin is especially dry like mine, read this dry skin guide or see my favorite serums in my skincare routine post HERE.

Additional uses for the balm

Cleansing balms are a great product because they can be used for more than just makeup removal. The hydrating balm can also be used as an intense moisture mask that can be left on for up to an hour before removing. Since it’s oil based, it’s not a great idea to leave it overnight since it’ll get a little messy, but an hour or so is perfect. Using the balm as a mask can also help break down any oil-based impurities, like blackheads.

Once left on for about an hour, you can gently massage the area of your face where you see a cluster of blackheads, and they should easily dislodge from the pore. Then, wipe the balm off with a warm, wet cloth.

If you want a hydration mask that can be left on over time, get the Colleen Rothschild Intense Moisture Mask. It’s amazing!

Is Colleen Rothschild Worth the Money?

Absolutely! The quality definitely matches the price point. Although their products are on the pricier side, I firmly believe in the importance of investing in skincare since you get what you pay for in quality. Additionally, higher-end products last longer since you only need to use a small amount. The investment may feel steep, but the results are well worth it.

Although it may be more expensive than drugstore products, it is on the more affordable end of luxury skincare. Plus, you get 20% off site-wide when you use my Colleen Rothschild Beauty promo code TERILYN20. (Big thanks to the CR team for that!)

Colleen Rothschild Before and After

When I first started using the radiant cleansing balm eight years ago, I noticed a difference almost immediately. After just a week, my skin was already clearing up. My skin was clear when I started using this product again last fall, but I noticed an increase in hydration after just one use.

Here’s what my skin looked like when I was 8 years YOUNGER. (I took this picture about a month after I first started using the CR balm!) I was using drugstore and prescription products then. If that isn’t proof that quality matters, I don’t know what is!

Here’s a photo I snapped last week. I’m wearing more makeup and have better lighting, but I can still tell that my skin is much more radiant.

I also found this photo from my blog archives in 2016 when I shared the balm for the very first time! This was taken on my Samsung, if that tells you anything. Check out that date!

Colleen Rothschild Cleansing Balm

Colleen Rothschild Cleansing Balm

I also found this blog post from 2016 when I shared the The Dual Enzyme Polish for the first time. I LOVED re-reading these posts. I’ve clearly loved this brand for a while.

Where to Buy Colleen Rothschild Cleansing Balm

Colleen Rothschild products are only sold on their website, so you can’t find it at your local Sephora or Ulta. They’ve generously offered a discount code that will save you 20% off your purchase.

The Balm comes in multiple sizes, so you can find it at a few different price points, including a mini size that’s $24. A little goes a long way so that will last you for a while; I have that one and have taken it on three trips and it barely has a dent in it.

Colleen Rothschild Beauty Coupon Codes

I reached out to Colleen Rothschild and they VERY kindly offered a 20% off coupon code for my followers. Use code TERILYN20 for 20% off sitewide. Plus, this product qualifies for free shipping. I hope you love it as much as I do! (While you’re shopping, I highly recommend getting the Retinol Oil and the No.9 oil as well!)

Bottom line: I love the luxurious feel and scent of this balm. It’s moisturizing without leaving any kind of film or greasiness behind. I also appreciate that it doesn’t sting my eyes, so I can use it to remove all of my makeup with no issues and without an additional step (like a makeup remover wipe). I actually look forward to washing my face, even when I’m exhausted and just want to get in bed.

*A HUGE thank you to Colleen Rothschild for sponsoring this post. I’m so grateful that I get to work with a brand I’ve loved for so long!* 

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