MKB-Amsterdam announces nominations for February’s ‘Product of the Month’; nominees chosen by EQUALS

MKB-Amsterdam, an interest group that backs up for entrepreneurial interests in the Amsterdam region, announced on Tuesday, February 14 the nominations for February’s Product of the Month.

The nominations were provided by Female Hub EQUALS, ensuring more diversity and equality in the labour market and helping women develop their careers. 

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EQUALS is committed to helping female entrepreneurs in their careers.

Dieuwke van Buren, Managing Director of Equals Amsterdam tells MKB-Amsterdam, “You often see that women really want to be entrepreneurs, but think that the step to entrepreneurship is too big. Men often just do it and women still too often think they can’t. We help them on their way.” 

According to Buren, the crucial step in this process is the creation and presentation of female role models. 

“They are living proof that it is indeed possible. When other women see these role models, they also become aware of the possibilities that are available to them. That’s where it starts,” she adds.

Reason behind the nominations

The selected products are all “co-invented by female entrepreneurs,” says MKB-Amsterdam. 

Dieuwke says, “We looked at a nice variation in the products, in different categories. What is also important to show with this selection: these are not always companies that have already made it all the way. Many of the contenders are still in the ‘building’ phase of their company and we find that very important to show. Entrepreneurship is just very hard work and the road to success is often not seen.”

According to Dieuwke, ‘impact’ is the common trait shared by all the nominees.

“Because they are sustainable, healthy, or social with a heart for the world. These women entrepreneurs really bring the beautiful products of the future to the market,” she concludes. 

Here’re the nominations for February’s Product of the Month. You can cast your vote here.


Founded in 2021 by Lars Gierveld, Linda Klunder, and Rogier Power, Kumasi develops a variety of 100 per cent natural, nutritious, and delicious drinks from cocoa byproducts. 

Kumasi’s soft drink is available in two variants – the ‘thirst-quencher’ Sappi and the ‘tantalising’ Gassi. Both consist purely of juice and water, without any additives. 

Kumasi says the juice contains Magnesium, Vitamin B1, Potassium, and Zinc.

The company buys its raw materials through its technical partner in Ghana directly from farmers. 

As a result, cocoa farmers receive immediate additional income – up to 30 per cent extra per kg – from selling the pulp and juice byproducts from their cocoa production process they would have typically thrown away.


NoWa (NoWaste) makes jewellery from recycled gold and silver from old telephones. 

Josette, the founder of NoWa, was trying to turn the cell phone into a waste-free product when working for Closing the Loop in 2015. 

During that time, Josette and her friend Joyce came up with the idea of making jewellery from the silver and gold from old phones collected by Closing the Loop in Africa.

For every piece of jewellery NoWa sells, Closing the Loop collects discarded phones from Africa.


Ecostoof offers an old hay box with a new look that will cook automatically without the use of gas or electricity.

Caro, the brain behind Ecostoof, discovered the haybox.

“When I looked at the box, I saw that you had to put your pot with the food in it in the hay. The hay served as insulation to preserve the heat of the pot,” she says. 

This inspired her to make a portable and more efficient version in an attractive form. That’s how the idea of the EcoStoof and its accompanying cookbook was born.

EcoStoof uses part of its proceeds to support good causes in the field of nature development and biodiversity. 

No Fairytale

Founded by Bernadette Kooijman, No Fairytales is an Amsterdam-based food company that offers recipes that are healthy and obesity-free.

“A few years ago, during the commercial break for the 8 o’clock news, I saw a “food innovation” pass by a pizza burger. Two pizzas on top of each other in the shape of a burger. That was the moment I decided to do something,” says Bernadette.

That’s how No Fairytale was born. Currently, the company offers Beetroot Tortilla, Carrot Tortilla, and Bell Pepper & Chilli Tortilla. 

According to the Dutch firm, all vegetable tortillas contain 45 per cent vegetables, lower in calories than the ‘natural’ alternatives, and 100 per cent vegetables and also high in fibre. 

Rain Couture

Daphne Gerritse, a working mother of two, often commutes by bicycle and found it impossible to find a coat that wasn’t too hot, too cold, too wet, or too ugly. 

She then came up with the idea – an all-in-one fashion solution that could work for all occasions, all weather types, all seasons, and all styles for all times. 

Thus Rain Couture was born.

Amsterdam-based Rain Couture is an online store that sells weatherproof raincoats, rainwear, and accessories for its customers.

Vote for your favourite product

Chosen your favourite product already? 

Cast your vote here. You can vote until Thursday, March 2. 

The winners of the jury prize and the public prize will be announced on Monday, March 6, during the SME drink event in the Oranjekerk in Amsterdam.

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