Is The Skims Bodysuit Worth It? — An R29 Team Review

“This is my second Skims product (the first being the iconic slip maxi dress). Seeing the tiny scrap of fabric in the bag upon opening made me feel like I was getting ready for vacation — IFYKYK, the best vacation ’fits can slink into a Ziploc sandwich baggie, and this one could fit no problem. Alas, this bodysuit is not for a vacation but a review. For such a tiny, elastic scrap of fabric, it was really easy to put on. Everything stretched where it needed to, and while the body suit was skin tight, my chest and torso somehow easily maneuvered their way into the garment. The fit is tight but secure, and, no surprise here, kind of like shapewear. The bottom snaps aren’t uncomfortable and don’t pull anywhere unnecessarily (my torso is on the shorter side, however). To compare, my Skims dress is way looser and doesn’t give that snatched look — in this body suit; it seems impossible not to lose at least one inch off your waist.

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