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Quests on Layer3 are the best way to learn, explore and succeed in web3.

But we knew we could go even further to empower new and existing users on their web3 journeys.

To that end, we’re thrilled to announce a major update to our product: a brand new Platform experience where web3 education meets adventure.

In this post we’ll cover what’s changed, the thinking behind these changes, and answer some FAQs!

An Overview of the Changes: What’s New!

Quests on Layer3 have been long overdue for a refresh.

We often hear from our community that previous Quests felt like a checklist of tasks they had to complete—a chore, not an experience.

So we’ve redesigned our platform to make learning and exploring web3 more immersive, engaging, and fun.

Everything ranging from how you discover Quests on our Home Page to the experience of completing Quests themselves has been reimagined.

Let’s dive in!

Our new homepage and GM button.

Our new homepage and GM button.


We’ve transformed the Home page from from a simple list of Quests into a more personalized, engaging home for web3 exploration.

  • You’ll find all-new card designs and carousels, improved content organization, and a new personalized sidebar that shows how you’re progressing

  • Our “gm” button will now show in your progress sidebar (your gm streak is still there!)


Collections better organize our growing library of Quests.

  • Quests within a collection are typically organized into a path – guiding you step by step through a topic to help you build lasting crypto skills

  • You’ll be able to see who curated the collection, whether it’s by a member of the Layer3 team, or by one of our partners

New categories on Layer3.

New categories on Layer3.


We’ve also introduced new Quest categories to help you find the content that matters most to you.

  • Finding relevant Quests is now easier than ever, with improved categorization to help you filter out the chains and themes that you want to interact with

  • These categories will initially correspond to major ecosystems (e.g. Optimism, ) so you can quickly find Quests on those chains

Our new Quest Experience.

Our new Quest Experience.

Starting a new Quest

Immediately upon starting a Quest, you’ll see all the relevant information about the web3 protocol or app and what to expect from the Quest, including:

  • Chain(s) – you’ll be using to complete this Quest

  • Difficulty Tags to help you find Quests that match your skill level

  • Rewards you’ll earn upon Quest completion (such as NFTs and Tokens)

Navigating through a Quest

Completing Quests is now more engaging than ever! We’ve designed an immersive flow that provides a much richer learning experience.

  • Each Quest now has interactive multimedia components, such as video, to encompass multiple learning styles

  • Context cards will be included at the beginning of each Quest to introduce exactly what you’ll be getting out of a Quest

  • Any on-chain steps will include contextual callouts providing you with the information you need to make your own self-custodial financial decisions

Why we built this

Our new Platform Experience is the result of months of research, development, and listening to user feedback. We’ve completely transformed our product into an intuitive, engaging, and truly delightful experience that sets the bar for the future of crypto exploration and participation.

Learn Web3 by Doing

Education is a major part of our mission here at Layer3.

We are not just building for existing crypto users, but for the millions of users who will take their first steps into the world of DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, and GameFi in the next decade.

A Quest has two parts:

  1. Learning

  2. Doing

Like most modern pedagogical strategies, we think the best way of retaining information and building confidence is by doing both; and Quests are designed with exactly that in mind. We want to build lasting crypto literacy from the ground up.

Defining Web3 Learning & Exploration

The current state of crypto education is abysmal. For those curious about crypto, taking your first on-chain steps can be intimidating and overwhelming.

If you search “How to make an on-chain swap,” you’ll be directed to 50 different articles, most of which are long and confusing. This is because companies optimize for search engine results (SEO), not UX. You may also be directed to a protocol with absolutely zero context.

The new Layer3 fixes this: Everyone can and should have fair access to crypto education.

Redefining the Quest Experience

“Quests” are a recent but meteoric web3 primitive.

While users have a breadth of options for Questing today, we think that how Quests operate today—at least, with the options currently available—still fall short.

Quests should enable web3 exploration and engagement. However, existing platforms fail to provide essential information and context for users to understand the value of using a product or participating in a community.

It’s time to raise the bar and create Quest experiences that empower and inspire both seasoned and new users alike. With this in mind, we’ve designed our new platform to deliver a superior educational and onboarding experience.

Give it a try!

With this launch we’re taking the next step in our mission to enable everyone to learn, explore, and succeed in this exciting new world. We’re confident the new Layer3 makes the world of crypto more accessible and enjoyable than ever before.

What are you waiting for? Get started on Layer3 today.


The Team at Layer3

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