How to Use CBD Oil for Pain in Ireland?

CBD Oil is making waves in the wellness market as a food supplement with powerful properties. What makes it so attractive to women and men interested in holistic supplement methods is its natural origin and potential health benefits as part of a healthy food diet.

Testimonials from people with various health conditions have been filtered online referencing their positive use of CBD oils and other CBD products for pain. Other claims refer to sleep, anxiety, stress and appetite. However such evidence is anecdotal only and cannot yet be proven as fact. Researchers are increasing their study of CBD and its potential health benefits but much more needs to be done.

CBD Oil for Pain in Ireland?

For now, CBD oil can only be classed and sold as a food supplement product just as a capsule of Calcium or a Vitamin D supplement is classed and often added to a food diet. The nutrients present in CBD oil are plenty including iron, niacin, omegas and complex B vitamins. So before you consider adding CBD to your food supplements, alongside your daily multivitamin, take time to do some research and find the right CBD product brand for you.

What is Cannabidiol / CBD?

Cannabidiol is another name for the well-known chemical compound CBD. For those that don’t know, CBD is a cannabinoid compound found in the hemp plant. The hemp plant is just one of the members of the cannabis plant group. Marijuana is another.

In hemp, CBD is found in high amounts which is why hemp is used as the plant for CBD extraction. Marijuana contains CBD but in smaller amounts as its primary cannabinoid is THC. THC is known for causing its user a ‘high’ as it can be highly psychoactive when

consumed in large amounts. This is where confusion occurs around the safety and status of CBD food supplement products. Hemp is a safe source of supplementation as CBD is its main component. CBD compared to THC, although chemically they are very similar, has different effects on the human body.

Cannabidiol is non-toxic and produces low psychoactive effects when in contact with the human body.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is the product blend of carrier oil like hemp seed oil, for example, and the cannabinoid CBD. A carrier oil does as its name suggests, it simply carries the CBD supplement content inside its liquid form so that a person can drop it into the mouth for absorption under the tongue.

This CBD product is the most popular form of supplement chosen by both men and women. It comes in a wide variety of strengths and potencies so makes it favourable when using CBD oil for pain. Pain levels themselves vary greatly from person to person. Those with chronic pain may find themselves taking prescription medications on a daily basis in an effort to manage pain. However, this daily medication routine can cause a host of other side effects.

CBD Oil for Pain in Ireland?

CBD oil is natural, safe and not an addictive form of cannabis. It does seem from anecdotal evidence reports that high levels of CBD content are needed to be effective against chronic pain for example. Before we get into that though let’s take a look at how CBD works within the body.

How Does CBD Work in the Human Body?

There is a system within every one of us called the Endocannabinoid System or ECS for short. Our bodies produce neurotransmitters for the purpose of sending signals within and these attach to cannabinoid receptors to initiate action. The ECS regulates various systems in the body such as stress response, sleep patterns, hormonal responses, appetite and more.

Scientists are still studying the full purpose of the Endocannabinoid System but we do know that when CBD is consumed, the body accepts it and uses it in interactions within the ECS. Cannabinoids mirror endocannabinoids made in the body and bind to cannabinoid receptors to send signals and regulate functions in need of rebalancing.

How to Use CBD Oil for Pain?

A combination of CBD products is best to use when supplementing with CBD for pain reasons. Why is this best you may ask? Well, pain affects the outside of the body and the inside. We feel the pain internally and often on the skin at the point of touch.

CBD oil can be taken orally, ideally, of a strength of 1000mg CBD or higher, and CBD cream or hemp cream can be applied to the skin directly to the area where the pain is felt. This targets pain in the body both internally and externally using the natural properties of the hemp plant.

Regular use is advised by CBD brands and experts as the hemp product needs time to build up in the ECS to produce potential effects.

CBD Oil for Pain in Ireland?

Fortunately, there are no known side effects associated with CBD use which makes it a safe and viable supplement option for almost every age.

Can Pets & Animals Use CBD Oil for Pain?

Yes, animals can take CBD oil just like us people. There are CBD oils available that are specifically made for and tailored to animals and even CBD infused pet treats for the really fussy ones.

The difference between CBD oils for people and CBD oils for animals is not much. The main difference is the strength or potency of the oil and the addition of salmon oil or beef flavours to mask the often harsh taste of hemp oil. As with doses of CBD for humans, consistency is key with CBD for dogs or cats and other pets.

How to take a Dose of CBD Oil – Tips &Tricks

CBD oil dosage is a common question for CBD users, especially those who are beginners. Each CBD product is different, as is every person using it. That means dosage can vary from one person to the next. However, the initial dose of CBD for pain should be around 25mg a day to begin and increase by one drop a week until you feel you have reached the ideal amount for your body and/ or mind.

CBD Oil for Pain in Ireland?

Tips include holding the oil under your tongue for at least 90 seconds before swallowing to allow optimal time for absorption into the bloodstream. Another is to use a mirror to watch yourself drop a dose into the mouth and measure your dose correctly. Finally before taking the supplement be sure to clear your mouth of saliva by swallowing any excess saliva. A dry mouth will help with absorption and prevent the oil from moving around your mouth and down the throat.

Where to Buy Quality CBD Oils & Products?

Quality CBD oils and other forms like quality CBD Gummies can be hard to find. There are a wealth of stores, brands and physical shops now selling CBD oil including pharmacies and health shops.

Not all of these products contain quality ingredients or high levels of CBD which is necessary when supplementing with CBD for pain reasons. Higher levels and strengths of CBD oils are more effective for pain than lower strength products. A combination of CBD supplement methods is also claimed to be the best way to tackle pain using cannabis.
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