It’s Sensitive Skin Week here at Tropic, so what better time to share our expert knowledge on how to identify, treat, and avoid sensitive skin. Consider this your comprehensive guide!

Whether you’re paddling in salty seas beneath the scorching summer sun, or enduring blistering winds and lip-cracking cold in winter, sensitive skin shows up to play whatever the season. We get it finding the right products when you’re prone to allergic reactions, rashes and redness can make you feel like a full-time beauty detective. Your search bar might even be littered with questions like: ‘Is sensitive skin something you’re born with?’, ‘Can skin become less sensitive over time?’, or ‘What ingredients should someone with sensitive skin try to avoid?’ 

Well, guided by the expertise of Tropic’s Skin Specialist, we’re here to hold your hand through your skincare journey, answering queries about the root cause of your sensitivity and advising how to soothe and protect your body’s largest organ. 

What is sensitive skin? 

Believe it or not, sensitive skin is not a medical diagnosis; it’s actually more of a finding or complaint. Characterised by skin that is unable to tolerate harsh conditions, chemicals, environments, or even some ingredients, it comes as no surprise that certain skincare products can be a massive trigger for reactive skin types.  Soaps, detergents, dyes and fragrances products can result in itchiness, dryness and reddening. could be one of the most telling factors in whether or not you truly have sensitive skin. 

6 Signs of Sensitivity: 

  • Your skin is reactive to heat, weather changes, and fragrances
  • You often notice redness
  • You develop rashes often
  • Your skin feels taut after showering
  • You sunburn easily
  • You have dry patches of skin

If you’re struggling with any of the above or are caring for somebody who is, we’re here to help.  

What causes it? 

There are a variety of causes for sensitive skin and everyone is different. From stress to climate change, pollution, hormonal imbalances and allergies – there are many possible triggers which can be out of your control. But there’s one thing for certain – you can soothe and restore skin by being mindful of what you put in (or on!) your body. For example, getting your five-a-day or swapping beauty products with harsh chemical ingredients for natural, organic formulas, could make the world of difference. 

How can I treat sensitive skin? 

Our first word of advice? Be gentle. It’s easy to unsettle the delicate skin barrier by over-exfoliating or exposing your skin to UV damage. Instead, craft a routine that avoids stripping acids and physical exfoliators, and offers a whole heap of protection against environmental aggressors. 

Choosing gentle, unscented products is a brilliant way to safeguard against irritation. Our best-selling Smoothing Cleanser is dermatologist-approved for all skin types and the unscented version omits eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils for a gentle, creamy cleanse – without any need for rubbing or scrubbing! 

If you do wake up with redness or irritation one day, there’s no need to panic. Unscented Morning Mist Toning Essence is bursting with soothing avocado milk, hydrating aloe vera, and reparative tiger grass extract to restore balance. Keeping a bottle on your desk means you can spritz irritated skin throughout the day when you have a flare-up and want to be enveloped in a cooling cloud of calm. 

To support the fragile skin barrier, our moisturiser Skin Feast is deeply nourishing as well as being angelically gentle. We’ve squeezed over 20 flower, plant and seed extracts into this gorgeous formula, which boasts a complete balanced diet of antioxidants, essential lipids, and a good glug of moisture. Complete with a silky sweep of our hydrating Sun Day Facial UV Defence to guard your skin from sun damage, and put happy skin back on the (organic and vegan) menu.  

And our final pearl of wisdom: Tamanu. Our hero ingredient! Find it in Super Greens Nutrient Boost Oil for facial skin, or our award-winning Tamanu Balm for all over your body – it’s your all-in-one skin saviour for any slight sensitivity, burn, rash, bite or redness. 

At Tropic, our Infinite Purpose is to create a healthier, greener, more empowered world with our cruelty-free and vegan skincare. As well as creating products bursting with natural nutrients, we pride ourselves on being a CarbonNeutral company. You can be rest assured then, that you won’t only be nourishing your skin with our soothing, calming products, but you’ll also be making the world a more environmentally-friendly place 


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