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Whether you have owned a bookshelf for many years or just found an inexpensive one at a yard sale, you can modify it to make it look brand new. You will be surprised how it can enhance your entire room, instead of looking shabby and collecting dust.

Some of the ideas presented in this article will help you transform an old bookshelf into an attractive piece of furniture. So check out the ideas below!


Start With Improving The Bookshelf

Before you begin decorating, the bookshelf itself may need improving. If it is old or cheap-looking, there are various ways you can make it look stunning.

As an example, a wooden bookshelf can be sanded so it has a nice smooth finish. You can then varnish it for a natural appearance, or paint it in your favorite color.

Regardless of the material it’s made of, your bookshelf can be transformed so it looks bright and modern. You can line the shelves and surfaces with wallpaper or self-adhesive contact paper. The contact paper is a liner that’s made of vinyl and is fully waterproof.

Depending on your personal preference, you can choose a print or a solid color that matches or contrasts with the décor of the room. You can add decals, or use a small artist’s paintbrush to paint fancy designs on the surfaces. Even a cheap bookshelf can come to life when you use your imagination to dress up the shelves!


Consider A Theme For Your Bookshelf

A good idea is to begin with a theme that has personal meaning to you, for example, a nautical theme. So put some time and thought into your theme to achieve delightful results.

Some other themes to consider may include a memorable vacation, a special event, your pets, your family, or a hobby. As the possibilities are nearly limitless, you may come up with a theme of your own. Regardless of the theme you choose, your bookshelf should be personal and unique.



Select Knick Knacks For Your Bookshelf

You can display knick knacks on bookshelves without looking cheap and cluttered! Your bookshelf doesn’t need to look like ones you remember from the past era, in which every tacky item you owned was placed on the shelves, and none of them had any special meaning. Instead of just collecting dust and looking weird, your knick knacks can make your bookshelf stand out!

You can start by sorting through the knick knacks you already own. Choose only the decorations that match your theme. If you check around your home, you may find other odds-and-ends that fit in well with the theme, too.

As an example, if your theme is a vacation you especially enjoyed, find mementos from your vacation. These can be airline tickets, small souvenirs you bought at a gift shop, and seashells if you vacationed at the beach. If your theme is a hobby, find small objects that are related to your hobby, such as a needlepoint canvas or items you have made with yarn. For a family theme, you may have items your children made in school, and small toys they played with when they were younger.

After collecting all the knick knacks you wish to display, see how they look on your bookshelf. Try a variety of arrangements to decide which you like best. You can also add some decorative candles or dried flowers in a small vase so the bookshelf is more attractive.



Styling A Bookshelf With And Without Books

Depending on the knick knacks and the objects selected for your theme, you may decide this is all you need to make the bookshelf look nice.

If you are considering a bookshelf without books, start by arranging all of these items on the shelves. Take some pictures with your camera from a few different angles.

This phase is your opportunity to see how the bookshelf will present itself without books. You can change the arrangement as many times as you like until you get the results you desire. Depending on your personal preference, a themed bookshelf may be all you need.

If you have a little more space that is empty, include potted plants. Live indoor plants will add life and color to your bookshelf. They also offer fantastic benefits for your health. Check out my other article on decorating with indoor plants to learn more.

If you want to include books, though, it is definitely a good option. Whether you have a large collection of books and want to include every book you own, or only a few books that you particularly like, it’s entirely up to you. There are many ways you can arrange books so your bookshelf looks neat and tidy instead of cluttered.

You can arrange your books according to size or the colors of the spines. Your books can be placed vertically on the shelves, tilted, or stacked. For an interesting appearance, the way you place the books can vary from shelf to shelf, or on different parts of the shelf.

If you are only including a small number of books, consider some stylish bookends. If you choose bookends that complement your theme, they will do more than hold your books in place. They will look nice, too!

Similar to placing and arranging knick knacks, you do not need to settle for the first arrangement. Pick up your camera again, and take more pictures! You can try a variety of arrangements until you find the one you like the most. If one arrangement does not work, simply move the books around until you are happy with the results.



How Can You Arrange Pictures On A Bookshelf?

When you want the most personal experience, your bookshelf wouldn’t be complete without pictures. There are many purposes to photographs. They can bring back memories of special times in your life, bring up emotions such as joy or wistfulness, and be beautiful additions to your bookshelf.

Start by sorting through photos that match your theme. One way to make it nicer is to have pictures in various sizes. However, pictures should not be too small to be seen or too large to take up a lot of space. Photos that range from wallet-size to 5×7 inches are usually best for bookshelves.

Next, you will need suitable frames for your pictures. While you can choose frames that are relatively simple in design, you can find frames in a variety of materials. You want frames that will highlight and draw attention to the photos. Wood, plastic, metal, and leather are all appropriate.


On A Final Note,

You may look at a bookshelf in terms of its practical purpose as bookshelves are places to hold books. They make it easy to find a specific book when you need it, and it’s neater than stacking books on furniture or on the floor.

But a bookshelf can be much more! It doesn’t need to be a place to store books. If you prefer, you don’t have to include books at all.

If the bookshelf is drab, old, or in poor condition, you may be embarrassed when guests notice it when they come into your room. You don’t want to hide it in your attic or basement where no one can see it. Instead, you want to be proud of it and make it a conversation piece.

A little time and thought can transform a plain piece of furniture into a personal creation. You don’t need to have any special artistic talents to turn a cheap-looking bookshelf into something unique.

You want it to be different, personal, and special. When you start with a theme that means the most to you, you are well on your way to a creation you have never seen before. After you add knick knacks, photographs, and books, you will be more than satisfied. You can also change the arrangements whenever you wish. If you obtain a new knick knack, photo, or book, you may want to put it on the shelf.

No matter what it looks like at the moment, your bookshelf can be transformed into something you truly love.



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