Highly successful mortgage brokers – what are their key habits?

What is the answer to the ‘early bird catches the worm’?

The answer to the aphorism from Benjamin Franklin is productivity. To that end, McKay asked what time each of the panelists gets up from bed to start their day. The two men on the panel each said 5am, Dao said 7am and Thenhaus said 6am. All early, all eminently worm worthy.

What is the source of business?

McKay asked each panelist to identify their main source of business. The answers:

  • Dao: Real estate agents, social media.
  • Bell: Real estate agents, past clients.
  • Thenhaus: Real estate agents, referrals.
  • Singleton: Real estate agents.

“I like opening with that because it’s the questions people ask all the time,” McKay explained to those gathered. “The point of it is twofold: There’s so many different ways to do this business and be insanely successful as all these guys are. You do whatever makes the most sense for you, right?”

He offered a proviso of sorts: “Also to that point, any individual one of you guys out there is not going to relate entirely with everybody on this stage – and that’s OK. I want you to think about and find the person that you do relate the most to because what they’re doing will probably make sense for your business.”

Yet for all the diversity in terms of methods, there was a commonality from the panelists: To a person, each identified real estate agents as their top source for business. “As you are well aware, we are in a purchase market and these people who have long focused on the purchase business have always knocked it out of the park, McKay observed. “So, this is incredibly valuable information right now.”

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