Fruits Low in Sugar & Fruits High in Sugar

We all know that fruits have sugar. Fruit sugar may not be as harmful as sugary sweets and processed foods, but still can increase our body fat and load us with calories, especially if we are used to consuming fruits in large quantities.

There are though some fruits low in sugar that contain a small amount of fructose and therefore we can consume them comfortably.

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Fruits Low in Sugar and Fruits High in Sugar

Plums have 9g of sugar per 100g. However, the recommended portion is just 30g which gives us 2.7g of sugar.

Strawberries are among the lightest fruits, in terms of calories, as long as we get rid of the habit of adding sugar to them.

In 100g they contain only 4g of sugar. The same ratio is found in blueberries.

fruits low in sugar

The recommended daily amount of berries is 50g and it contains 4.5g of sugar.

fruits low in sugar

 Lemon is the quintessential sour fruit. If we don’t add any sugar to it, a lemon contains only 2g of sugar per 100g.

fruits low in sugar

A mandarin contains 9g of sugar In 100 gr. of fruit or otherwise 6.3g in the recommended daily amount of 70g.

fruits low in sugar

And this fruit is also on the long list of 9g of sugar, however, the daily recommended amount, 75 g, gives 6.75 g of fructose per serving.

fruits low in sugar

Melon contains 6g of sugar per 100g of fruit, but the daily recommended portion is 120g, which brings it up to 7.2g per portion.

fruits low in sugar

The daily recommended amount of watermelon is 100g, which contains 7g of sugar. If you’re a fan of this summer fruit, you can enjoy it guilt-free.

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fruits low in sugar

The following fruits have a higher sugar content:

White grape: 16g of sugar / 100g of fruit
Fig: 13g of sugar/100g of fruit
Bananas: 15.6 g of sugar/ 100g of fruit
Dates: 64.7g of sugar /100 g of fruit
Cherries: 13g of sugar/ 100 g of fruit

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