Exclusive: iPhone 15 CADs reveal larger 6.2-inch display, Dynamic Island, and more

Apple’s iPhone 15 is still months away from being announced, but we have some exciting news to share with you today. Just a week after we posted exclusive renders of the iPhone 15 Pro based off CAD files, we managed to obtain 3D CAD files for the iPhone 15, which reveal some of the design changes and features that Apple is planning for its next-generation smartphone. Ian Zelbo, Renderer Extraordinaire, managed to turn these CADs into the beautiful images you see below.

One of the most noticeable changes is that the iPhone 15 will ditch the notch for a Dynamic Island instead. This is a feature that was introduced on the iPhone 14 Pro models last year, and it consists of an oval-shaped cutout at the top of the screen that hides the front camera and Face ID sensors.

The Dynamic Island seems to be making it’s way to all 4 iPhone models, as it is unlikely that Apple would choose to have outdated technology on the larger size of their newest flagship phones.

Another change that we spotted on the CAD files is that the iPhone 15 will finally adopt USB-Type C as its charging port. This is something that many users have been asking for years, as USB-C is more versatile and compatible than Lightning. USB-C can also support faster charging and data transfer speeds than Lightning.

Apple does seem to be keeping the classic dual camera setup for the standard iPhone. The third camera and LiDAR still seem to be exclusive to the Pro model iPhones.

rear of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro
iPhone 15 on left, iPhone 15 Pro on right

Apple has been using USB-C on its MacBooks and iPads for a while now, but it has resisted switching to USB-C on its iPhones until now. One possible reason for this change is that Apple wants to comply with new regulations in Europe that require smartphone makers to use a common charger standard across devices.

The CAD files also show that the iPhone 15 will have a new display size of 6.2 inches, which is slightly larger than most recent base model iPhones, except for the iPhone 14 Plus and 14 Pro Max of course. The display resolution and refresh rate are unknown at this point, but we expect them to be similar to those of the iPhone 14 models.

iPhone 15 Pro on left, iPhone 15 on right

One thing that we noticed missing from the CAD files are capacitive buttons, which were rumored to be coming to some iPhone models this year. However, it seems like capacitive buttons are only available on the iPhone 15 Pro models this year, as the iPhone 15 still has physical buttons like every previous iPhone.

These are some of the major changes and features that we discovered from looking at the CAD files for the iPhone 15. Of course, these files are not final and could change before the official launch later this year. These CADs do seem to confirm the report of a sketchy supposed iPhone 15 model that leaked on Twitter recently.

We also don’t have any information about the price, color, or specs of the iPhone 15 yet, but we will keep you updated as soon as we hear more.

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