Easy Draw the White House Tutorial & White House Coloring Page

Here’s an easy way to draw the White House, in all its symmetrical beauty. A grid template really helps students of all ages make their best drawing.

White House Drawing

When students learn how to draw the White House, they will not only have a better recollection of what it really looks like, they can also appreciate all of the wonderful symmetry it has. An architect named James Hoban won a contest to become its designer, and he based it on a house in Ireland called the Leinster House. This famous building took 8 years to complete, and was coated with a line-based white-wash to produce the color that gave rise to its famous nickname.

When it comes to drawing buildings this straight and orderly, there’s one aid that will really help students out. It actually is not a ruler, as they can be awkward for young hands to control and make things difficult to see. No, the best aid to help students along is to give them a pre-printed grid that matches a step by step tutorial. It helps them see how to make their lines straight, and adds some math to the project at the same time. After all, their White House drawing will have the most symmetry if they count out the boxes as they draw, so all those little shapes match each other. Please note that the tutorial you may download below includes a page with this grid.

Use the Button below to download a PDF Tutorial

White House Coloring Page

Materials for a White House Drawing

  • Drawing Paper. This is the good stuff you can buy in bulk for a good price.
  • Pencils. I like how this brand always makes nice dark lines.
  • Black Marker. A permanent marker will give you a dark black color.
  • Crayons. The larger packs are nice for more color choices.
  • Note: All of the above are Amazon affiliate links.

Directions for a White House Drawing Step by Step

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