Democrat on House China Committee Says TikTok Probably Won’t Be Banned

  • A top democrat on the House China committee said it’s unlikely TikTok will be banned. 
  • Western lawmakers have raised cybersecurity concerns over the app which is owned by a Chinese company. 
  • The concerns stem from the Chinese governments ability to potentially access user data.

The top Democrat on the House China committee said he doesn’t think TikTok is going to get banned in the US but said there are concerns over user data being accessed by the Chinese government. 

“I don’t think it’s gonna get banned,” Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi told CBS News’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday.  “I think what we’re asking for is, you know, TikTok is owned by ByteDance, a Chinese company, that’s required to provide its user data, including on the 140 million Americans, as well as control of algorithms to the Chinese Communist Party upon request.”  

He added: “All we’re saying is, if TikTok is gonna operate here, don’t have that user data and algorithms controlled by an adversarial regime.”

Krishnamoorthi remarks come as several western lawmakers have enacted rules limiting the use of the popular video app. 

Last week,the European Commission banned TikTok from staff phones over cybersecurity concerns. The EU also banned staff members from having TikTok on their personal devices if those devices access corporate services. 

Over the past several years, there have been debates in the US over either banning orenforcing stricter oversight on TikTok. 

More than half of US states have banned TikTok from government devices, Insider previously reported. Additionally, the app is banned on the government-owned devices of US Senate employees. 

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