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Welcome to From the Feet Up, a series where we discuss the importance of celebrating and nourishing every part of our body on the journey to complete body confidence.

From phobias to fetishes, feet might be our most divisive of extremities. But whether you love your little toes or keep them firmly safe in socks, one thing we can agree on is that feet have it pretty tough when it comes to pulling their weight.

Maybe you teeter to work in high heels, saunter down the scorching beach barefoot, or keep them caged away in sweaty gym trainers? Whatever your lifestyle, feet take on the pressure of the world and all that stands above them. It’s no surprise then that our feet are tarnished by fungal infections, dry skin and ingrown nails. In fact, 33% of people in the UK admit to being embarrassed by the state of their feet, with one in five saying they’d consider having cosmetic surgery on their feet.

Every year, as summer rolls in and open-toed sandals are pulled from the back of the cupboard, my feet – which are always forgotten in the winter months – are remembered with great alarm. ‘Why do I never learn?’ I think as I look down at my unkempt claws and deeply un-moisturised soles. Sure, a trip to the nail salon for a pedicure is a quick fix, but it isn’t cheap or sustainable. So, how does one go about getting and maintaining summer-ready feet that you’re raring to bear?

Earlier this year, TikTok skincare sensation @missskena came to the rescue with her step-by-step guide for a foot metamorphosis this sandal season. Transforming her rough, mozzie-bitten and dry feet to a luminous picture of health simply involved: soaking in hot water with a ‘foot fizz’, exfoliating, then moisturising and hydrating the skin. Not that different to how we might treat our face, right?

If you want to give your tootsies some time in the spotlight on holiday, or just fancy indulging your ultra-hard-working feet, follow the steps below…


Firstly, create a natural Jacuzzi in your own home by sprinkling a touch of effervescent Ocean Fizz Foot Soak into a bowl of warm water. Immerse your feet in luxurious bubbles, sit back and imagine you’re paddling in the shallows of the Indian Ocean. Sea salt and coconut fibres will get rid of dirt and dead skin, while eucalyptus and lime essential oils leave toes tingly and fresh.


Once the skin is soaked and softened, gently buff away cracked heels with the volcanic ash Polishing Foot Pebble. Speckled with white sand and infused with deliciously zingy peppermint oil to freshen your feet, it’s the perfect exfoliant to soften your soles.


Now, indulge in a moment of calm with Repairing Foot Remedy foot cream, infused with five exotic butters – apricot, illipe, cupuaçu, kokum, and avocado. Envelop your feet in this nourishing blanket of bliss, gently rubbing the lotion over every inch. Cracked heels will be sealed and hydrated, while the peppermint cream aroma will leave you feeling like you’ve just been pampered at the spa.

Tropic Tip: Pop on some snuggly socks before bed to really lock in that moisture for extra soft feet!

Each product is available separately, as well as in our A Walk On The Beach Collection. Shop our foot favourites and make silky-smooth soles simple.

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