Anita Bhagwandas – Ugly (Giving Us Back Our Beauty Standards)


In this episode I have the honour of interviewing beauty editor and now author extraordinaire, the absolutely brilliant Anita Bhagwandas.
Anita has written one of the best and I think most important books that I have read in a long long time. It is called Ugly – Giving Us Back Our Beauty Standards and during the book not only does Anita explore how society’s beauty standards came about but also tells her own personal and at times very emotional experience of feeling ugly and how it has shaped her own life.
During the episode we talk about Anita’s career in beauty and why she was drawn to the industry. We also chat about her dream role at Stylist and how she used her voice to change attitudes towards beauty via the articles that she wrote.
We then look at Anita’s experience of “Ugly” and how it shaped her incredible book.
This is an episode not to be missed and please please buy this book not only for yourself but for any woman who has any doubted her worth. (It’s available on Amazon and at Waterstones).

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