6 Things To Be Proud of While Losing Weight

Weight loss is often considered a journey where you set a goal and move ahead making healthier choices and lifestyle changes along the way. All through this journey, you need to practice self love, be body positive, and celebrate every small milestone; where every pound dropped should be an achievement to be proud of. The right mindset to adopt during such a journey should be the confidence that you can achieve whatever goals you have set for yourself. The truth is that many people get so much obsessed with the weighing scale and get fixated on their failures, they tend to ignore smaller milestones they are achieving. Do remember, you are setting an example for your friends, family, and most importantly, your kids to make healthier choices. From saying no to “foods” that you know will not nourish your body and would in fact derail your progress, here are 5 things you should absolutely be proud of while losing weight.

Things to Be Proud of While Losing Weight

1. You are Working Towards a Better Version of Yourself: And that is not limited to fitting into smaller sized clothes, it also means you are trying to create a healthy, fit, and better version of yourself. We work hard to create a better future for ourselves, but do little to build robust health over the coming years. With the decision to drop extra pounds, you have taken the a step in the right direction.
2. You are Nourishing your Body: Even if you have not reached your desired goal yet, do remember you are nourishing the body with the right kind of food; eating nutrient-dense food that not only promotes weight loss, the body is getting proper nourishment to function to optimum levels that it’s meant to.
3. Shows your Patience and Perseverance: Since you are sticking to the diet plans and exercise routine so well, it shows your patience, perseverance, and will power to achieve the goal that has been set. If ever you find your motivation wavering, just look back and see what you have accomplished all along.
4. Improved Confidence and Energy: Believe it or not, losing weight gives ample boost to your confidence; not just because a few kgs have melted away, it shows you have it in you to achieve all goals.
5. Made Lifestyle Changes and Formed Healthy Eating Habits: Losing weight requires switching to healthier eating habits (picking nutrient-dense food over junk, practicing portion control, no frequent snacking) and making tweaks to lifestyle (being physically active, avoiding sedentary lifestyle, making exercise part of daily routine, etc.) and when you make these changes, you are going to not only look better, you are gonna feel better! Also read: “17 Small Lifestyle Habits That Will Help you with Weight Loss.”
6. Changed your Relationship with Food/Detached Negative Emotions with Food: Many of us resort to food (what we call as “comfort food”) to cope with negative emotions, work stress, to calm jittery nerves or just to fight boredom. Emotional eating has little to do with real hunger where you just eat to feel better or because there’s nothing better to do. A good weight loss program would require you to practice mindful eating, not resort to overeating to combat stress, and would in fact, encourage you to find effective ways to distract when negative emotions strike (engaging in a hobby, listening to music or motivational podcast, etc). Also read: “14 Ways to Stop Thinking About Food So Much.”

Summing up, feel proud that you are still marching on ahead despite temptations, setbacks, hiccups, and roadblocks along the way. You do not get disappointed when you hit the plateau and have the focus on your goal. Do remember, during the weight loss journey, there were would be a hundred reasons to celebrate all along the way, you just have to take notice of them, and be proud of them. Most importantly, you believe in yourself that you can do it, and you will do it! If losing weight is your goal and you need help to get started on your weight loss journey, subscribe to the diet plans on the Rati Beauty app, and we will help kickstart your journey from there.

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