5 Reasons Your Home May Not Feel Like A Sanctuary

5 Reasons Your Home May Not Feel Like A Sanctuary

Do you ever feel like your house doesn’t look or feel the way you want it to? Deep down, beyond a desire to improve what our homes LOOK like, I believe what we all really want is a home that FEELS like a sanctuary, a peaceful refuge that inspires and rejuvenates us. We all need and deserve that.

That atmosphere contributes to our sense of well-being, but when we either don’t know what to do or don’t prioritize making it happen, our environment begins to deplete and defeat us. We might not even recognize the problem, or realize what’s happening, until we start to feel unhappy, exhausted or overwhelmed.

This is why it’s so important to understand the significance of the kind of atmosphere we live in and the way to improve it. Our surroundings influence our well-being more than we realize. But don’t worry, you don’t have to have a perfect life or home or even a big budget to have a sanctuary.

You can learn how to design and prioritize this environment for yourself, wherever you live, no matter the size or style of your home.

5 Reasons Your Home May Not Feel Like A Sanctuary

Here are 5 possible reasons your home may not feel like a sanctuary:

1. You have too much clutter. 

You want to have a calm, tidy, and inviting home, but somehow clutter creeps in and takes over. Too much or the wrong stuff makes you feel overwhelmed at home and always in need of a vacation to escape the chaos! Maybe you love what you have, but you don’t know how to display or organize it, or you just need systems that help you deal with the dailies. Any of those things can make you feel unwelcome in your own home and will slowly begin to steal that peaceful feeling from you.

5 Reasons Your Home May Not Feel Like A Sanctuary

2. Your lighting isn’t inviting.

Do you ever walk in a room and the mood feels dreary or sad or unwelcoming? This might be a simple fix, but is an often overlooked remedy to a common problem. The right lighting will absolutely transform the mood of any room. Bringing in more natural light, changing the temperature of your lightbulbs, as well as adding layers of the right kind of lighting for the room are all important factors in making a home feel warm, cozy and inviting.

3. Your home doesn’t meet your needs.

It’s not always about having a certain size or shape or style or location of a home that will make it feel like a sanctuary. We might dream of more or less or something else, but how you use whatever space you have will make a world of difference in how it feels!

If your own needs and the space you have available right now to meet those needs isn’t considered or addressed well, your home will feel out of control or unwelcoming, no matter what home you have.

When a space feels unsettled, unwelcoming or chaotic, it makes YOU or your family feel that way, too. Your home is there to serve you. Regardless of its limitations, when you use the space you have well, you’ll start to feel more prepared to do all of the things you want to do in life! Big or small, your home can become the sanctuary you need it to be.

5 Reasons Your Home May Not Feel Like A Sanctuary

4. Your home doesn’t tell you the right stories.

Do you know the saying “if only walls could speak”? Well, guess what? THEY DO SPEAK! All the time. So the stories it tells you better be the ones you need to hear or your home won’t feel at all like your sanctuary.

You might live in a home that doesn’t feel like your style, so it starts to tell you that you need a different one. Maybe you have a random furniture pieces you’ve gathered over time, but you don’t really love them or have the budget to replace them. You may not even know how to make them at least feel cohesive. The story you might hear? Something is unsettling in my environment and I don’t have a way to fix it.

Perhaps you impulse buy all the latest things at Target but you still feel like your home is telling you something is missing. So you buy some more.

Maybe you look around your home and feel sad because it’s reminding you of memories you don’t want to be reminded of. Or the people you live with don’t value the nurturing environment you need so you hear that it isn’t a priority or even possible to turn your home into a sanctuary.

You can learn how to change the stories your home tells you. It’s a process that will be so worthwhile.

5 Reasons Your Home May Not Feel Like A Sanctuary

5. You feel comparison and discontentment.

You probably have an idea in your mind of what you wish your home looked like, or what it COULD look like someday if only x y and z happened…we probably all do that to one degree or another. It’s hard not to compare especially if your home really isn’t your dream home.

Any sense of discontentment with your home might make you feel less inspired there, rather than inspired to transform what you have. Sometimes it’s just really hard to find the energy or motivation, especially when it seems like it would be impossible to make progress or turn it into what you really want it to be. Maybe we convince ourselves that it is better to just wait for the next house or another season or even a windfall of resources or more help!

If you resonate with any of these issues or struggles, BE ENCOURAGED! I truly believe we can find real joy and contentment with the very home we have right now. I’m not saying it’s always EASY, but it’s worth it.

5 Reasons Your Home May Not Feel Like A Sanctuary

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5 Reasons Your Home May Not Feel Like A Sanctuary

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