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March 2nd is Dr Seuss Day! We have a big list of fun Dr Seuss inspired party ideas, kids activities and Dr Seuss crafts for kids of all ages to celebrate the beloved children’s author’s birthday.

Fun Things to Do for Dr Seuss Day - Kids Activities Blog - collage of ideas to make Dr Seuss Day fun for kids
Let’s celebrate Dr Seuss Day!

When is Doctor Seuss’s Birthday?

March 2 is Dr. Seuss’s birthday and called Dr Seuss Day in honor of one of the most beloved children’s book authors. Here at Kids Activities Blog we love to use March 2nd (or one of the other 364 days in the year) to throw a casual Dr Seuss party or celebrate our favorite Dr Seuss books with Seuss inspired crafts, activities and fun!

Who is Dr Seuss?

Did you know Theodor Seuss Geisel went by the pen name Dr. Seuss?

Theodor Geisel was born in the United States on March w, 1904 and started out as a political cartoonist before writing as Dr. Seuss.

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Let’s use the event of Dr Seuss’ birthday to celebrate with some fun and colorful Dr Seuss inspired kids activities, Dr Seuss crafts and wacky decorations and food.

There is so much wisdom in the vast quirky library written by Doctor Seuss, but we wanted to pull a few of our favorite quotes in honor of his birthday!

It is better to know how to learn than to know.

Dr. Seuss

Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.

Dr. Seuss

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.

Dr. Seuss


1. Cat In The Hat Cupcakes

Cat in the hat & thing 1 & 2 cupcakes – These are so much fun to make, they are sure to be the talk of any party!

2. Fish In A Bowl Treat

One fish two fish jello treat inspired by Dr Seuss for Dr Suess day food - from Simple Girl at Home
Let’s have a One Fish Two Fish treat!

The fish bowl –  Use Jello and Swedish fish to make these adorable fish bowls. Perfect for a cat in the hat party OR one fish two fish red fish blue fish.

3. Put Me in the Zoo Snack Idea

Put Me In The Zoo snack mix for dr seuss day - Kids Activities Blog
Put Me in the Zoo inspired snack mix…yum!

Love this Dr Seuss snack mix idea that is not only colorful, but delicious!

4. Pink Yink Drink

Pink Yink Drink  – From one of our favorite of Dr Seuss’ books. This pink yink drink is perfect for the kids who like to drink and drink and drink!

5. Dr. Seuss Food Tray

Dr Suess lunch idea using a muffin tin from The Chaos and the Clutter for Dr Seuss Day
What a fun Dr Seuss lunch idea!

Muffin tin tray –  If your kids don’t like their food touching this is the perfect way to make them happy and keep with the Seuss theme! So many awesome ideas for snacks and  dips!

6. One Fish Two Fish Marshmallow Pops

Dr Seuss inspired marshmallow pops with one fish two fish from The Simple Parent
Let’s make Seuss marshmallow pops!

One fish two fish marshmallow pops – These have the perfect mixture of salty and sweet. They look adorable as decorations on your Seuss-tastic snack table and they make an awesome mini dessert for your little ones too.

7. Dr Seuss Inspired Rice Krispie Treats

Put Me In The Zoo Rice Krispies Treats for Dr Seuss Day - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make Dr Seuss inspired rice krispie treats!

These cute Put Me in the Zoo Dr Seuss Rice Krispie Treats are so fun to make…and eat!

8. Green Eggs (devilled) and Ham

Green {deviled} eggs and ham  – I do so like green eggs! These are adorable and tasty! Green eggs don’t have to be a bad thing, and your kids will probably find these as adorable as ours did!

9. Dr. Seuss Straws for a Seuss Birthday Party!

Dr Seuss colored straws from Amazon
Let’s use these colorful straws on Dr Seuss day!

Let’s drink from Seuss straws. These will look adorable in little glasses. The stripes make any drink more fun (especially if it’s the yink drink from earlier).Dr Seuss Crafts & Activities for Kids

10. Let’s Make One Fish Two Fish Cupcakes

One Fish Two Fish Cupcakes for Dr Seuss day - Kids Activities Blog
One Fish Two Fish Dessert idea!

These easy fish cupcakes are inspired by one of our favorite Dr Seuss books!


11. Let’s Make Dr Seuss Handprint Art

Dr Seuss Birthday craft - handprint art that look like Dr Seuss characters like cat in the hat, grinch and more shown on paper with paint supplies
Let’s make handprint art inspired by Dr Seuss books!

This easy Dr Seuss art for kids starts with their own handprints and then is transformed into some of our favorite Dr Seuss book characters.

12. The Shape Of Me Craft

The shape of me craft completed and set outside from Paper and Glue
Let’s explore the shape of me!

The shape of me and other stuff – Make faded craft paper using things you already have around your house! Kids are amazed by this one!

13. Color a Cat in the Hat Coloring Page

Cat in the hat Coloring Pages Feature Image
Let’s color Cat in the Hat!

These Cat in the Hat coloring pages are super fun and a great activity for any afternoon or Dr Seuss party.

14. Play with Green Eggs & Ham Slime

Green eggs and ham slime activity for kids inspired by Dr Seuss legendary book - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make green eggs (& ham) slime!

We will show you how to make green eggs and ham SLIME! It is fun to make and even more fun for play.

15. Hop On Pop Game

Hop on Pop – Work on gross motor skills and letter recognition! As your kids hop around the house from word to word.

16. 10 Apples Up On Top Activity

10 Apples on Top Craft for Kids from Paper and Glue celebrating Dr Seuss Day
Let’s play an apple game!

10 apples up on top – Simple learning math activity using milk-jug caps! Save the cap each time you run out of milk and you’ll soon have enough for this adorable Dr Seuss apple activity.

17. 10 Apples Up On Top Playdough Activitiy

10 apples up on top playdough activity  – Make your own figurines so they look like each of your kiddos and then allow them to stack playdough “apples” on their own characters to see who can balance the most. Counting and fine motor skills all in one!

18. Cat In The Hat Word Games

Dr Seuss Game from Simple Play Ideas - build a cat hat in this word game craft
Let’s build the cat’s hat!

Hat word games – Make your own cat in the hat – hats with these fun sight words. Stack them in rows based on their letter sounds. This can be as simple or advanced as your child’s reading ability!

19. Dr. Seuss’ Birthday Sensory Bin

Rhyming Sensory bin –  This is another  Seuss themed activity  that can be for kids of all ages. The littles can enjoy the sensory aspect of the bin, feeling the different textures and exploring colors. The older kids can find matching rhyming words from their favorite books, as they dig through the rice.

Dr Seuss inspired activities and food


20. Truffula Tree Paper Plate Craft for Preschool

Truffula Tree Paper Plate Craft for Dr Seuss Day - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s craft Truffula trees out of paper plates!

Try this Lorax paper plate craft perfect for preschoolers and then watch the kids figure out fun games to play with their crafts.

21. Cat In The Hat Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Cat in the hat toilet paper rolls  – Recycle those old TP rolls into these adorable cat and Thing 1 and Thing 2 figurines. The best part is you can glue your child’s faces onto the puppets and make them personalized!

22. DIY Paper Cat In The Hat

Easy-Cat-in-the-Hat-Craft from Red Ted Art
Let’s make the Cat in the Hat without the cat…

DIY paper cat in the hat!  – Make your own beloved top hat with this adorable tutorial. Kids love wearing silly hats and the one that looks just like their favorite cat’s is the most fun!

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23. Dr. Seuss Flip Flop Craft

Dr Suess The Foot Book Craft - Kids Activities Blog FB
Let’s make a craft inspired by The Foot Book

Flip flop craft– Make these adorable flip flop puppet, inspired by the foot book! Learn about feet, and have fun with this Seuss craft  in the process.

24. Make Truffula Tree Bookmarks

Truffula tree bookmark craft for kids celebrating Dr Seuss day - Kids Activities Blog
Dr Seuss trees!

We love love love Dr Seuss trees! OK, they are really called Truffula trees, but they are one of our favorite colorful shapes created by Dr Seuss.

25. Use Your Handprint to Make a Lorax Craft

Lorax handprint craft from Simplistically Living
Let’s make a Lorax handprint!

This cute Lorax handprint craft is a fun Lorax preschool activity.

26. Handprint Lorax Craft

Handprint Lorax  – Get crafty with a bit of paint and your child’s hand. We love the mustache on these Lorax crafts!

27. Make the Lorax and Truffula Trees from Your Recycling Bin

Colorful & Fun Truffula Tree & The Lorax Craft for Kids

This cool Lorax craft for kids starts at the recycling bin and ends with reading a good book!


28. Dress Up Like Cat In The Hat

Dress up like the Cat – You can snag his  hat  and his  bowtie  to make your own perfect Seuss costume! Kids can wear them to a party or just around the house. Hours of fun! What a great way to commemorate Dr. Seuss’ birthday.

29. Green Eggs and Ham T-shirt

green eggs and ham shirt for kids from Amazon
I like Green Eggs and Ham…

Need a more subtle way to show your love for Dr Seuss? This Green eggs and Ham shirt is super fun! And no huge hat required.

30. Dress Up Like Cindy Lou 

Love How the Grinch Stole Christmas? Then check out these Cindy Lou costume ideas! You won’t be disappointed.

31. Thing 1 and Thing 2 Hair

Want to look like Thing 1 and Thing 2 to celebrate the birthday of Theodor Seuss Geisel? Then this step by step hair tutorial is what you need.

32. One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Costume

Child dressed as pete the cat book from Prestastyle blog
Let’s dress like Pete the Cat and his groovy buttons! – Source

Dressing up for the classroom? This One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish costume is easy, and super cute along with a lot of other fun ideas like the one pictured above.

33. Fox In Socks Costume

Fox in socks costume from Desert Chic
What a cute Fox in Socks idea to dress up!

You can even dress up like Fox in Socks! And the best part is, you’ll have most of the items you need at home! It’s so cute.

34. Easy Lorax Costume

Lorax dress up idea from Mommyhood Life
I love this easy and fun Lorax dress up idea!

You can even dress up like the Lorax to celebrate Dr. Seuss day! It’s super easy to make this costume even kids can help!

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35. Read Dr. Seuss Books

Love Dr. Seuss? Have a love of reading? Have a favorite Dr. Seuss character? So do we! And what better way to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss than to read his books.

These may be children’s books, but they’re always a hit not matter what. And despite the past couple years, these books are still treasures. 

Even in recent years, these are my kids favorites! So to celebrate this special day, or national day I should say, here is a list of our favorite Dr. Seuss books! This list will have everyone’s favorite book that they read in elementary schools across the county.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Hope you all enjoy Dr. Seuss day!

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