3 Products I Tried and Didn’t Love

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Our theme on Wit & Delight this February is about focusing only on what you love. While the things we love hold a great deal of power, I think it can be just as insightful to reflect on the things we don’t love.

Today I’m sharing three beauty product reviews. These are products I was excited to try that ultimately didn’t live up to the hype.

For anyone who’s considering making a purchase in this arena, I thought it might be helpful to share my personal experience with these products. That being said, please remember that this is one opinion and these kinds of products are never going to be one size fits all. You may have a different experience with them, but I hope you find these beauty product reviews interesting to read either way.

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1. REFY Lip Sculpt Lip Liner

Price: $26

When I Got This Product: December 2023

Expectations: I was looking for a long-wear lip liner in a nude color. I heard about this one on TikTok and it seemed like just the product I wanted. 

What Disappointed Me: I liked this product at first, but after several uses, the lip liner started to fall apart. It seems to be an issue with the packaging—the way the lid closes over the lip liner seems to cause the product to break and crumble. I still occasionally use it because I like the color, but the application process often fails me since the tip of the product is no longer shaped as it should be.

2. StackedSkincare Microneedling Tool

Price: $89

When I Got This Product: August 2019

Expectations: I hoped this product would provide improved skin tone and texture with the convenience of at-home use. 

What Disappointed Me: I would use this microneedling tool right before applying my moisturizing products. I saw minimal improvements to my skin tone and texture and I did like this product at first. However, once the needles became dull, I found that they can actually rip the skin vs. gently puncture it. While you can replace the roller head (something the brand recommends), I didn’t feel comfortable risking damage to my skin with further use.

I’ve since talked to my dermatologist about this and her opinion is that this is not a great kind of tool to use at home, since you can run the risk of damaging your skin if it’s used incorrectly. I now prefer to get microneedling done professionally. I’m sure at-home microneedling does work well for some people, but over time, I realized it wasn’t for me personally.

3. RMS Beauty Wild With Desire Lipstick

Price: $30

When I Got This Product: 2018 (This was gifted to me.)

Expectations: I was excited to try out a new-to-me clean lipstick that I hoped would feel hydrating on my lips.

What Disappointed Me: I’ve tried a lot of lipsticks that I like because of the color but ultimately don’t wear because they’re too drying. This lipstick in particular is very drying. I find it hard to apply and uncomfortable to wear on its own. I have used it occasionally because I like the color, but I have to apply it with a brush and layer a hydrating lip gloss over it.

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