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We’ve already established that, with a little creativity, you can find excellent timepieces under $100. In this article, we’re taking it a step further and highlighting the 15 best men’s watches under $200.

By upping our budget to $200, we unlock an impressive range of great watches for any type of guy! Whether you’re looking for a fun automatic, a timeless sport watch, or an elegant dress watch, we made sure to represent.

No point in waiting, let’s just get right into it. 

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The Best Value Watches for Men (15 of our faves under $200)

These watches range from casual, sport and field, and dress so whatever your taste, we know you’ll find something you love.

  1. Timex Fairfield Chrono Leather
  2. Timex Fairfield Chrono Leather

    Timex takes a classic racing-inspired chronograph and modernizes it with elegant lines and artistic use of racing motifs. The face is white with silver-toned accents for an overall clean aesthetic. The tan leather strap is a stylish take on the traditional rally strap with several small holes instead of a few large ones, making it just neat enough for smart-casual affairs.

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  3. Skagen Sundby Titanium
  4. Skagen Sundby Titanium

    For this modern timepiece, Skagen’s trademark Danish aesthetic, minimal yet fun, is built into a durable titanium case. This also gives it a unique subtle shine, for those of you who prefer a matte aesthetic. The silhouette is smooth and stylish, with the leather band seamlessly blending into the case — which at 37mm, will suit most wrists!

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  5. Seiko Recraft SNKP23
  6. Seiko Recraft SNKP23

    The blue dial version of the square-cased Recraft series doesn’t always get as much love as the green version, but this SNKP23 is arguably more versatile. It takes all of the unique elements, that laser middle dial that looks like it’s hooked onto the face via the flush indices for example, and makes it more wearable with a neutral but still exquisite royal blue hue. Not only is this watch easy to pair, but the high-level finishing and caseback make it a wonder to look at on both sides.

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  7. Timex Q Reissue Navy and Orange
  8. Timex Q Reissue Navy and Orange

    Since Timex is one of the most beloved US-origin brands in the watch world, the bi-color Timex Q Reissue is the go-to budget Pepsi bezel. Ironically, it’s exactly this reason that makes the navy and orange version the “discerning wearer’s watch.” It’s in the Pepsi family, but is just unique enough to have its own identity, while also highlighting the cool remixes on the watch design itself: The vintage-esque dome on the crystal, the hooded lugs, and the snakey thin-linked bracelet.

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  9. Skagen Holst SKW6180
  10. Skagen Holst SKW6180

    The gunmetal stainless steel case, thin-linked mesh bracelet, and rose-gold tone hands and indices give this watch such a sleek look, it can also be worn formally -depending on how bold you are! The two subdials track the day and the date, adding some details to this mostly minimalist, Scandinavian-chic timepiece.

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  11. Casio Tactical G-Shock GBA800UC-5A
  12. Casio Tactical G-Shock GBA800UC-5A

    This 48mm tank boasts the classic G-Shock resin construction that’s famously durable, with shock resistance and 200m of water resistance. It also has Bluetooth, a step indicator, dual time, double LED light, and plenty of other useful capabilities. Features aside, it’s a tough and cool-looking tool perfect for long days out.

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  13. Victorinox Swiss Army Alliance 249152
  14. Victorinox Swiss Army Alliance 249152

    Sporty and impressively spec’d (as one would expect from Victorinox), the Swiss Army Alliance 249152 is an ultimate tool watch of sorts. The well-applied chronograph dial features gold accents, which ups the luxe factor as well as its readability, as does the high-gloss tachymeter dial. It’s the kind of durable sport watch that can pair with straps of any material, from high-end leather to nylon.

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  15. Seiko 5 SRPE61K1
  16. Seiko 5 SRPE61K1

    If you’re looking for a sport watch with simple and elegant lines throughout, the sleek finishing and silhouette on the Seiko 5 SRPE61K1 checks every box. The clean dial and lustrous silver dial almost make you want to treat it like a dress watch. No worries about its durability though—as a Seiko 5, this timepiece is as strong as it’s chic, with 100 meters of water resistance and workhorse automatic movement.

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  17. Orient Kamasu RA-AA0004E19B
  18. Orient Kamasu RA-AA0004E19B

    The Orient Kamasu is the amped-up version of the Mako, similar to the Seiko Samurai divers. Other than having bolder features though, they’re incredibly dynamic looking, with differently-shaped square indices and broad arrows. The RA-AA0004E19B is in a sophisticated pine green, which makes it lively but not loud (at least on the color front).

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  19. Orient Mako II Pepsi
  20. Orient Mako II Pepsi

    In the tradition of Orient, they take a classic format, in this case the Pepsi bezel, and add some elegance to it. The blue dial boasts a gorgeous sheen, while the legible Arabic numbers are sleek and refined. However, this automatic timepiece still features all of the sport qualities you need from a diver like the 120-Click unidirectional bezel and the 200m of water resistance.



  21. Timex Marlin Reissue
  22. Timex Marlin Reissue

    This timepiece looked classy on the men of your grandfather’s generation, and it will look just as refined on you. The reissue of their iconic 1960s dress watch features a radiant silver dial with just a hint of gold accents. Swanky Arabic numbers are mixed with sharp stick indices. Timeless and vintage, its delightful hand-winding capabilities feature a satisfying resistance. 

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  23. Orient 2nd Gen. Bambino Ver. 2
  24. Orient 2nd Gen. Bambino Ver. 2

    One of Orient’s flagship dress watches, this version of the Bambino has the much-coveted combination of glimmering applied Roman markers, a cream dial, and the blue-accented hands. This perfectly-balanced timepiece runs on the automatic F6724 movement, which has hand-winding and hacking.

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  25. Bulova Classic 96B107
  26. Bulova Classic 96B107

    Few watch brands are able to put such unique twists on Deco designs without compromising the classicism of the look. This Classic 96B107 takes a more contemporary approach, seen through the sharp and straight lines throughout the front of the case, and the simple, perfectly applied, dial face. Still, touches of ornateness are applied, the Roman cardinals for example, making this the perfect dress watch for those with tastes somewhere in between tried-and-true and modern.

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  27. Citizen Garrison BM8180-03E
  28. Citizen Garrison BM8180-03E

    The Citizen Garrison BM8180-03E is a true workhorse, an excellent choice if you’re looking for a no-frills everyday watch. The Eco-Drive tech ensures it stays working and accurate without battery changes, while the strong build lets you wear it basically anywhere. I think this particular model is special because of small design touches, such as the micro-knurled crown and pseudo-skeletal hands, that contribute to both its style and its function. It’s what I like to call standard-plus.

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  29. MVMT Chrono Black MC01BL
  30. MVMT Chrono Black MC01BL

    Though MVMT considers this fascinating and artistic timepiece a dress watch, it’s more of a versatile wild card that can be styled with any outfit. The leather strap is textured, the case is pitch black brushed stainless steel, and the hands are gunmetal. This sculptural watch manages to be visually variegated despite its all-black construction.

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Whether you’re looking for a sleek and modern timepiece like the MVMT or a timeless sport watch like the Mako II, you can easily build a diverse collection with just $200 watches

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