13 Super Adorable Penguin Crafts for Kids

Penguin crafts are a fun way to learn all about this amazing bird. Kids of all ages love penguins and these fun black and white penguin crafts will keep little hands busy. We have put together a list of penguin crafts for kids that work well at home or in the classroom including the preschool classroom.

Penguin crafts for kids - 5 different penguin crafts shown from footprint penguins to rock penguins - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make penguin crafts today!

Penguin Crafts For Kids

Penguins capture the attention of kids and adults alike. Maybe it’s because they look like they wear tuxedos. Or it could be that they swim instead of fly. Maybe it’s because they waddle and slide.

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All you need are simple items like paper, toilet paper rolls, and paper plates for paper plate penguins, along with a couple other crafting items to make these adorable penguin crafts.

Preschool Penguin Crafts

Many of these penguin crafts are perfect for preschool kids. Each cute penguin craft is simple enough for little hands to make, and the best part is, they’ll be practicing fine motor skills.

Penguin Crafts For Kids To Make

1. Construction Paper Penguin Craft for Kids

black and white construction paper penguin craft for kids shown on a blue background from Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make a penguin out of paper!

Oh the cuteness of this penguin paper craft. Use the printable penguin template and several colors of construction paper to craft this adorable friendly penguin.

2. Toilet Paper Roll Penguin Craft

toilet roll penguin craft from Kids Activities Blog - 3 penguins made from craft rolls on a table
Let’s craft a penguin from a toilet paper roll!

Oh the cuteness of these toilet paper roll penguins! Upcycle empty toilet paper rolls or craft rolls with the printable penguin template into these cute penguins that can be part of a play or puppet show.

3. Paper Plate Penguin Craft

paper plate penguin craft from Kids Activities Blog shown on a pink background
Let’s make a penguin from a paper plate!

You can make a paper plate penguin with just a few household craft supplies! Check out the printable penguin template and the simple instructions to making a cute penguin craft that is easy enough for preschoolers.

4. Egg Carton Penguin Craft

Egg carton penguin craft from Kids Activities Blog - finished egg carton penguin shown on a snowflake against blue background
Let’s make a penguin out of an egg carton!

This cute googly eye penguin craft is made from an egg carton. Make an egg carton penguin craft with our easy to follow instructions.

5. Painted Rock Penguin Craft

rock painted to look like a penguin - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s paint a rock to look like a penguin!

This easy penguin painted rock craft is fun for kids of all ages. Go rock hunting first for the perfectly penguin shaped rock!

6. Paper Bag Penguin Puppet Craft

finished paper bag puppet that looks like a penguin on a light background - Kids activities blog
Fun! A penguin puppet craft!

This paper bag penguin puppet craft is loads of fun. Start with our printable penguin puppet template and then add the penguin details you want! Let’s have a penguin puppet show!

7. Fold an Origami Penguin Out of Paper

folded origami penguins - 3 on white blocks - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make an origami penguin!

This simple origami penguin folding guide will show you how you can easily transform paper into the cute folded penguin.

8. Preschool Printable Penguin Craft

printed penguin craft pdf shown painted and cut out and pasted into a penguin craft for preschool - Kids Activities Blog
Cut, color, glue and paste

Oh the fun of this easy printable penguin craft. This is a perfect preschool penguin craft that requires very little other than basic preschool craft supplies.

9. Learn to Draw a Penguin

How to draw a penguin printable pdf guide shown on white table with coloring and drawing supplies - Kids activities Blog
Let’s learn how to draw a penguin!

Download and print our easy how to draw a penguin lesson for kids. Oh what fun it is to make your own penguin drawing!

10. How To Make A Penguin Out Of A Plastic Bottle Craft

How to make a penguin out of a plastic bottle with a red and white bow tie holding a red heart glued to a pink straw.

We can show you how to make a penguin out of a plastic bottle. Use an empty coffee creamer container for a  recycled valentine penguin. Perfect for Valentine’s day or anytime. Little kids will love making this! It kind of looks like Happy Feet!

11. Penguin Handprint Craft

penguin handprint preschool craft shown with black felt and cotton balls from That Kids Craft Site
Let’s make a penguin craft from a handprint!

We’ve done the penguin footprint, now it is time to make the penguin handprint! Trace little hands to make this adorable penguin handprint craft that’s perfect for preschoolers! All you need is some felt, cotton balls, glue, and a pair of funny googly eyes. –via That Kids Crafts Site

12. Start Your Craft with a Penguin Coloring Page

printed penguin coloring page pdf on light background with coloring supplies - Kids activities Blog
Let’s print a penguin coloring page!

Keep it simple by downloading these free penguin coloring pages or check out this set of coloring pages that also has a cute penguin! Use these penguin coloring page printables as the basis for penguin art or be inspired for more penguin crafting.

13. Circle Penguin Craft

Circle penguin craft made out of just circles from Reading Confetti

Your children will love this penguin craft! Make a circle penguin with nothing but – you guessed it – circles!  Cut 10 circles out of construction paper and piece them together to form a penguin. -via Reading Confetti

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Which craft did you try out? Let us know in the comments!

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